Better to be right than to be free

By a downhill semantic slide, free speech now means evil nazi hate speech. Anyone who defends the right to freely speak your mind is tacitly endorsing slavery and jewnocide. This is political correctness turning tumorous. We live in an overwhelmingly complex society of conflicting interests and incompatible outlooks but we’ve boiled our differences down to nazis against everyone else. Half of us are esoteric hitlerists and klansman and the other half are American marines storming the beaches of Normandy.

There are only two sides now. How convenient for us in these complicated times. I remember when liberals mocked George W. Bush for reducing geopolitical conflict to a comic book battle between good and evil. They saw his simplistic rhetoric as obscurantist and divisive. He was a childish instigator, an imbecilic warmonger wielding contrived oppositions to his political advantage. Now 15 odd years later and Bush’s blundering thundering against a caricatured enemy is a faded memory.

People with the attention spans of chipmunks and the historical sense of goldfish have clarified and condensed their moral vision, distilled and purified their priorities and stumbled upon a single stratagem: silencing and eliminating the nazi threat to our vibrant multicultural America. All the old divisions within the democratic and republican parties have been forgotten.

The tension, hostility and violence caused by identity politics and state and corporate imposed diversity mandates are no longer a problem, no longer up for discussion. Sociological examinations of the effects of scale on human behavior are academic luxuries; consumerism and overpopulation, psychological stress and alienation aren’t relevant factors. We must fight hate in all its forms. We don’t need to think or talk. There’s no time for analysis, no taking a step back. We must act now and purge and vaporize the surging legions of white supremacist nazis in our midst.

Progressives on the right side of history have no need of free speech. They have no appreciation or reverence for it. They don’t want to be free, they want to be correct, to fit in and conform and lose themselves in soothing solidarity. For the prospective totalitarian, free speech is inherently suspicious, a sliver through which subversive and destabilizing truths slip through.

In the same way that the tyrant thinks that people only need privacy if they have something to hide, the maniacal leftist is sure that the only people who care about free speech are hateful bigots. Why would you need free speech if you’re saying the right things? The purpose of speech isn’t exploring and articulating difficult thoughts, it’s confirming and cementing leftist dogma.

The march through the institutions has been so covertly successful that leftists themselves don’t realize where they are and what they have. They continue to pose as beleaguered underdogs as they draw on vast, unchecked corporate power and a hyper-responsive mob mentality to isolate, demoralize and despoil their enemies. They have two primary methods of attack: the first is to single out the offending individual or party and destroy their reputation and livelihood, eliminate their capacity to support or express themselves by restricting access to mediums of communication and exchange. And the second is to become physically violent or threaten with overwhelming, quantitative, blunt force.

Notice that debate, discussion or even tolerance as a begrudging acceptance of fringe and dissident opinions isn’t included in their program of domination. When sensible people argued that tolerating or encouraging repressive religions like Islam endangers the conditions of a tolerant society, leftists were quick to cry bigot. But now they’re finding that aggressive line of reasoning expedient when the targets are white. We can’t give these people the freedom to spew their hatred, they will destroy our peaceful and tolerant societies, we have to act with force and prevent them from taking advantage of our openness. The gutless leftist conveniently finds his backbone when it’s a matter of undermining his own people in his own country.

Last saturday a free speech rally was disrupted and cut short by a thronging, frothing mob. Despite the organizers of the rally repeatedly denouncing white supremacy, the KKK and neo-nazis, everyone else was convinced that it was a neo-nazi party, a celebration of segregation and lynching. The organizers even disinvited two speakers with loose, tenuous ties to the alt-right in an effort to put as much distance between themselves and the left’s punching bags as possible. It wasn’t enough.

The corporate concubines in the media put sneer quotes around the words free speech in their articles, insinuating that the rally was somehow connected to white supremacists and that free speech itself is code for neo-nazi platforming. The depraved media whores telegraphed their approval of radical leftist violence and power through their rankly dishonest coverage of the event.

I couldn’t find a number for how many people attended the free speech rally but it seems there were less than a hundred. There were 40,000 protestors threatening them. Leftists whose whole morality revolves around imbalances and harm and fairness were numb to the glaring, disconcerting discrepancy in power between the attendees of the rally and the protestors. Some tried to say that this was democracy in action, a righteous majority vanquishing a despicable minority.

Except that democracy is a form of government involving elected representatives, legislative bodies and checks and balances on power. What we saw on saturday was mob rule, a perversion of democracy, its mutant, inbred brother. That many people are unable to grasp the difference between formal procedures for determining right and a mass of misdirected savages shutting down innocuous events through intimidation and violence is another sign of the breakdown of education, rationality and attention in our media drenched world.

27 protestors were arrested for disorderly conduct and assault and battery of police officers. But right wing violence is the problem. Only one side is culpable. The left doesn’t even exist, it’s just the white supremacists and bigots and then a unified majority of peaceful, earnest and well meaning egalitarians. We’ll gloss right over 27 people getting arresting for throwing bottles of piss at the police to protest what they insisted on believing was a white supremacist hate rally.

Now when you say you support free speech, peaceful protestors will plaster a swastika on your chest and beat your brain in with a bike lock. They will shut down your blog, your message board, your Facebook and twitter. Choke your electronic voice, isolate you from your audience. And the media will bury your injuries and exclusions in a torrent of greasy rationalizations if they deign to mention you at all. It’s justice served scalding hot from the internet addled automatons of revolutionary terror.

The point of free speech is that we’re all protected because hate and offense are subjective and unstable. Even if you think you currently have a consensus on what is hateful and what isn’t, once the precedent is established that what is hateful may be silenced, the definition of hate itself will begin to shift and slip around.

You want to respect other people’s right to free speech not because you must appreciate or approve of what they say but because there’s no final way of knowing in advance whether or not someone may find something you say hateful or offensive. So that if you offend someone regardless of your intentions, they have no justifiable, legal way of silencing you. In a polite society, it’s one thing to take someone else’s offense at your words as a sign that you may need to rethink your opinions.

But whether or not the person who causes offense reworks his thoughts and words to become more agreeable to others, he still has the right to speak without fear of incurring the wrath of the mob. It’s his personal responsibility to not be an asshole or to reform his speech. It’s not the responsibility or right of disordered masses to physically harm people for what they say and believe.

It also shouldn’t be within the reach of private corporations to police and suppress speech through their consolidated control of communicative infrastructure and information networks. This is another ugly precedent with unsettling implications. Rather than discuss and critically examine what we’re setting in motion, we’re riding a wave of thoughtless enthusiasm for the humiliation and destruction of political opponents.

Once the obvious enemies of peace, love and xirhood have been ground into dust by the jackboot of diversity, new targets of leftist heels will be singled out. Mainstream conservatives, libertarians and centrists will soon find themselves on the receiving end of the nazi charge and the principles they sold out to appease the rabble won’t protect them. They will have brought this disaster on themselves with their cynical opportunism and mindless capitulation. 

It could be also be the sort of thing that just blows over in a few weeks as Trump continues to scandalize and entrance an emotionally empty populace.

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