A brave new world revisited again

Still sick. Fever is gone; hollow, hoarse, death rattle cough remains. I don’t know what’s wrong with me and I can’t find out. A trip to the doctor would cost me hundreds of dollars. I don’t have health insurance, so my choices are wait until my body heals itself or die.

It’s another grey, morose day in DC. The sun is now permanently blanketed by coal dust. A new era has begun. A time of rushing rivers of sewage, tires, and defunct appliances. Trash heap hovels sheltering masses of radioactive microwave men on the abandoned outskirts of the technomanagerial state.

One world, one company, one government. The Amagooglebook Corporation. The only thing cheaper than the goods are the lives. Bill Nye, preserved in a tank of formaldehyde, is the world minister of truth. Sexually dimorphic atavists are targeted and rounded up. Believers in binaries are sent to science camps for reeducation.

In the coming genderfluid utopia, there are only two types of people: those who understand and love science and those who don’t. The unbelievers are tortured until they renounce their heretical views, at which point they receive hermaphroditic genital skin grafts and are allowed back into society.

The new global order has no place for pair bonding, religiously rooted, ethnically connected people. It’s too inclusive for that. There is no past and no future; only the glorious, benevolently engineered present of plastic perversion. Holidays celebrating rectal coitus and tax funded abortion retreats. Genital warts worn like badges of honor. Orgasm worship and infant sexuality seminars. Lifelong estrogen therapy.

Everyone is a stand up comedian and a scientist. Everyone has an hour long netflix ted talk stand up special and everyone is legally obligated to watch each one. Tattoos are required and tattoo artists are subsidized. All styles and standards of music are purged except for trap. All frequencies higher than bowel rupturing bass are obsolete. Food takes a strictly suppository form.

Virginity is punishable by death. The government extends marriage rights to children, plants, and animals. You must be married to at least two or more things or organisms. There are no wars. The police are fully mechanized and automated, as are courts and the prison system. Sports and group associations are outlawed.  Gyms are converted into bathhouses and brothels.

All markers of humanity in language are abolished. The only acceptable pronoun is ISH. A tolerance tribunal of correct speech monitors every conversation for traces of hate, distinction, and privilege. Like and literally are the most commonly used words. Regional dialects and accents disappear, leaving behind only vocal fry and lisping snark.

The sun just came out. Nevermind, everything will be fine. People will elect nationalist representatives and willingly descale their communities for their own physical and psychological well being. They will mostly prefer the company of people like themselves except for trade and travel.

Author: The Empty Subject

Born curmudgeon

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