Charles Murray makes us worry

Charles Murray is on a lecture tour and back in the news. He wrote a controversial book in the 90’s called the Bell Curve that no one has ever read. Not a single person anywhere has ever read a single page of this arcane, offensive book. But the Southern Poverty Law Center says Charles Murray is a white supremacist. So you know what happens next.

The SPLC is a privately owned fund raising front. A highly profitable civil rights slanderfest.  They tell scary stories about the non existent threat of white hate groups in America and then rake in money from donors. They don’t care about poor people, especially poor whites. It’s a greasy, fraudulent organization run by an attention whoring, money grubbing shyster.

But when the SPLC calls someone a white supremacist, the rabid anti racists believe it. Critically aware, enlightened borg people don’t question their favorite anti hate money making machines. They don’t think, they react. They punch, protest and donate their way to hate crushing victory over elderly professors who give lectures.

The Bell Curve is full of charts, graphs, and percentages. Numbers and facts as weapons of white supremacy. Anyone who says the words IQ and race in the same sentence is a despicable racist. Anyone who writes a chapter of a book on IQ and race is subhuman scum. But racist scumbags can’t hide behind bell curves anymore.

Progressive scientists have refuted Charles Murray’s racist book with anti racist SCIENCE. Dispassionate experts who are generally wrong about everything all the time just so happen to be right about this extremely touchy, nearly taboo subject. We finally have a science that isn’t racist, just in time.

And you won’t be able to understand this brave new anti racist science, so you’ll have to trust the newly and always credible experts. If you’re not a statistician, evolutionary biologist, molecular biologist, or mathematician, you can refer to their expertise to win internet arguments.

Those graphs are misleading. And you can’t believe lines when they’re drawn by a racist. Here, take a look at these lines instead. We have egalitarian graphs. Democratic statistical models. And don’t forget that correlation does not equal causation. 

Correlation does not equal causation, the nerd robotically repeats as he masturbates to cartoons. When they aren’t ejaculating on comic books, brilliant shut ins educate racists on their logically fallacious racism.

Terrible things happen when people think correlation equals causation. Fascists rise to power.

A brave jew scientist stopped the holocaust by correcting the nazis’ logical errors. He taught them that Jews are only correlated with banking crises and social decay. They only seem to turn native people against each other by promoting self seeking, perverse behavior and profiting from the ensuing chaos and collapse.

Likewise, just because high crime and black populations are correlated, it doesn’t mean black people cause crime. We know white supremacy causes black crime because those things aren’t correlated at all. That’s how progressive reasoning works. If it’s counterintuitive and unpersuasive, it’s true.

White people consciously build societies that lower black IQ and impair impulse control. Future time orientation, the ability to delay gratification, set goals, and not shoot rival gang members for hustlin on your turf is racist cultural conditioning, another tool of white supremacy.


Charles Murray gave a lecture at Indiana University, my alma mater.

And overgrown children stuck in the amber of arrested development threw self congratulatory protest parties. Dwarven underclasses who’ve sold themselves into debt slavery at the higher education plantation lashed their masters for failing to protect them from a lecture they weren’t required to attend.

Now, I’m a straight white man stuffed with creamy white privilege. So it’s easy for me to ignore the swelling mass of mud people calling for my demographic displacement. I’m insensitive because nothing bad could ever happen to me. I laugh at black on white crime rates.  I’m so white I don’t even have a genetic lineage. That’s for the upsurging dirt people.

If a gender defiant, ethnically ambiguous humanoid gave a lecture about how my group identity is responsible for all the poverty, oppression and inequality in the world, I could ignore it. I could use my magical, unearned advantages to not attend upsetting lectures.

But this also never happens. No one has ever been allowed to give a lecture that made me feel bad. No one ever questions white power. You won’t hear about it on the news and you won’t read about it on the world white web.

The university industrial complex isn’t a frothing hothouse of antiwhite, antimale resentment and it would never subject me to humiliating ethnomasochistic hazing rituals for admittance or favor.

The university is a legacy of White, Christian Europe, given over to vicious parasites vengefully sucking out its last remaining vital fluids. White Christian European traditions also ended slavery but we don’t get credit for that either.

By the way, don’t look at a map of modern day slavery. It might make you a racist. You might accidentally notice a curious concentration of slaves in black and brown countries. If whites had any more power, they might commit the atrocity of ending slavery in the rest of the world too.

The old ideal of the university was knowledge for its own sake. But now we have progressive education, which fractures the social body into bitter, warring tribes while the upper classes develop automation and biotechnology.

Hey, what should we do with all these undesirables? Let them take out loans and chase degrees at major universities. It’s okay, a degree is worthless now. We can let the blacks and women in while we genetically engineer ourselves into immortality. 

Once the machines are making the sandwiches, washing the dishes and fixing the toilets, the ultra rich will begin liquidating the greater mass of humanity. The genocides of the future will be diverse.

So people I went to school with wailed about a white man talking in a room for a couple of hours. These tantrums came from thirty year old men who play in punk bands and work in restaurants. Universities wasted their time and money for years. The system has no use for them except as debt slaves and consumer drones.

And now this is their problem with the system? How could these corrupt administrators who exploit the cognitive labor of the striving underclasses allow this to happen? White supremacist lectures? Of course the system took advantage of our naïveté and dim self absorption, burying our hopes for an independent future in an avalanche of debt. But hosting a lecture by a man who wrote a chapter of a book that came out 23 years ago? 

My submissive white former classmates and their favorite minorities do have at least one thing in common. They both rely on and make contradictory demands of the power they don’t recognize as legitimate in the first place.

It’s a widespread phenomenon of anti social, approval seeking behavior. Expecting love and protection without offering commitment, good will or trust. They want to destroy the validity of institutions even though they are in desperate need of constant validation from established powers.

The university should stop exploiting me. Its authority is a construct. The university should also protect me from words and hateful rhetoric. This thing I’ve been trying to deconstruct should now stand strong for my sake and all my oppressed brothers. Fuck you dad, why don’t you love me?

This is what I have to look forward to if I move back to Bloomington. I want to be around family. But Bloomington is a lot like DC, only fewer blacks and less high status gluttony. It’s also a midwestern hobo haven. A snide hippie hideaway. I could be comfortable there as long as I don’t say the wrong things.

I have so many wrong things to say.

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