The devil went down to Virginia

A young man drove his car into a crowd of “counter-protestors” and killed a woman at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville on saturday. He’s a nazi and so is every other white person who marched to protest the effacement of history. The south will never stop paying for its transgressions.

White people are not allowed to gather, march or speak for themselves. When blacks burn their own neighborhoods to the ground, teams of sociologists and experts on racism rationalize and defend their destructive behavior. It’s the lack of economic opportunity, it’s the legacy of racism, it’s living in a system of suppression. They are only out for justice, they are spontaneously protesting an unjust order.

But when disaffected white men organize themselves and express their anger, it’s the rise of the fourth reich, it’s the bigoted whining of privileged losers. The social and economic causes of their behavior and feelings fall away. It’s just rage, racism and bigotry. A particular problem that white people have, a tendency to hate and exclude that isn’t a universal feature of all people everywhere all throughout history.

All of society must unite in condemning racism as the worst of evils, the greatest of abominations. We must all act as exasperated, horrified and sickened as possible to send the message that having a white identity or attachment to history is the highest crime imaginable.

Failure to show sufficient disgust and outrage will be taken as a sign of support for nazi crimes and white supremacy. You will be fired from your job, spat upon, punched in the face, beaten with baseball bats, harassed and tormented every day of your life unless every tweet and facebook post you make is a groveling, tear slicked apology for and renunciation of your white identity. Your wife will leave you and your children will be taken from you unless you personally pull down statues of confederate generals and spray paint fuck trump on every available building surface and sidewalk.

James Fields was a confederate nazi terrorist. There will be no sociologists or white grievance experts to provide a nuanced explanation for why he was driven(ha) to commit an act of haterism. He’s white, so his lowly position in society and his resentment are his fault. Or his actions are ultimately the fault of the fascists and their far, far, far right wing rhetoric. It’s the alt-right and their appropriation of leftist style identity politics that’s fomenting hatred and ethnic conflict. And finally, this whole debacle is the fault of Trump because he didn’t know who David Duke was in an interview.

Trump not immediately condemning David Duke and dancing to the disavowal tune of the disingenuous media was the equivalent of a megaphone endorsement of white supremacy. He might as well have sig heiled and said that birth of a nation is his favorite movie. Never mind the fact that Trump ran his campaign from the beginning on a platform of populist nationalism and never named his ethnic constituents or attempted to divide americans from each other. He’s still the neo nazi president, the white supremacist dog whistler.

Another curious inconsistency is the lumping together of white supremacy and nazism, as if the nazis weren’t responsible for the deaths of millions of white people. A genuine nazi isn’t exactly a “white” supremacist but rather a german supremacist if not something else all together. But such a subtle distinction is lost on our educated, right thinking classes. If an American male of indeterminate white ethnic stock waves a nazi flag, you might suspect his nazi allegiance isn’t deep and that he is suffering from a serious form of mental illness. That would be a fair, reasonable suspicion. But the media are cynically using men with mental illnesses as props in their campaign to smear Trump and anyone who disagrees with their progressive propaganda.

Whites will have no collective voice unless they’re calling for themselves to be silenced. They will not ask questions or raise concerns over the ethnic makeup of the country or sneering attitudes towards our history. There is no room for complexity, ambiguity or finesse when it comes to white interests. There are no white interests not synonymous with an anachronistic, conceptually dissonant melange of nazism and white supremacy.

Trump just gave a press conference where he bit back at the media for refusing to denounce leftist violence. He called out the racists and nazis on the far right, but he also mentioned the guilt of the alt-left for charging at the protesters on saturday. Once again the press is exasperated, incredulous, beside themselves. They can’t believe Trump would call the enemies of nazis the alt-left. To the media whores, there’s no such thing as an alt-left. There are only the evil nazis and then the brave resisters and counterprotesters.

But the American people have been able to see with their own eyes how every Trump rally or speech by any vaguely conservative figure has been disrupted or shut down by organized leftist thugs. Every time normal Americans get together to celebrate making America great again, groups like antifa threaten and assault them.

Normal Americans who don’t dabble in nazi symbolism or cross burning are routinely pelted with rocks, turds and bottles of piss; they’re punched and kicked and pepper sprayed; they’re attacked with gas and acid while the police do nothing, while mayors and university presidents stand idly by and fail to use their institutional power to protect conservatives and moderates from the roaming, vicious hordes of leftists whipped into a frenzy by careless, instigative rhetoric and slander.

In the last few days the mendacious media has been saying that white supremacists and Nazis are Trump’s base. It’s a ridiculous, hysterical assertion. I was in Washington DC during the inauguration. I saw Trump’s base. They’re normal Americans, middle class families. Grandparents, moms and dads and children. They didn’t come to DC to celebrate white supremacy or deny the holocaust. They came to celebrate a renewed hope for America, for business, for manufacturing, for decency, safety and order.

And in their zeal to defame and destroy Trump at any cost, the media are desperately trying to recast this normal American support for a secure middle class way of life as white supremacy. You might have noticed that no one has been talking about Russia for the last few days. You might have noticed that the collusion, treason and impeachment talk has died down. Last week Trump was a traitor, a Russian lackey, he’d obstructed justice and colluded. Now he’s back to being a racist and a bigot. Remember when he was literally Hitler?

Trump had to become slightly less literally Hitler to collude with Russians. Then he became literally Hitler again because David Duke showed up to a rally. Trump blamed the nazis, but because he also said that leftists have played a role in instigating violence he’s an off the rails racist pandering to his massive base of white supremacists.

The charges of the press are incoherent and insincere. Their tactics are confused and ineffective. This incident will blow over and we can get back to taunting them about their failing witch hunt over collusion with Russia. Trump will resume his efforts to make America great again through trade deals, deportations and immigration legislation.

Author: The Empty Subject

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2 thoughts on “The devil went down to Virginia”

  1. This was a breath of fresh air. The media has gone full blown Trumpageddon mode. So many glaring hypocrisies and phony outrage. I like your writing in general but Ive noticed you have a real talent writing about these political issues that stand out from the crowd. Although that crowd is rapidly thinning out as the (((media masters))) (((domain hosts))) and (((corporate PR depts))) are shredding the ability for any dissenters to exercise their basic rights of free speech. Living in a Blue Hellhole and now out in the Red Zone, you have a perspective few others I think really have.
    I have a similar situation in that regard (in reverse) and I can relate to those things as well.

    Your topical writing is very direct, punchy and knows where its going. It seems in these instances, you arent searching but putting that dissective deconstructive art you learned at college to use. You nail the larger point without the shrieking and insanity of InfoWars or the naivete and bravado of keyboard warriors.
    “And in their zeal to defame and destroy Trump at any cost, the media are desperately trying to recast this normal American support for a secure middle class way of life as white supremacy.”

    This is simply the best distilled line Ive read about the media reaction. Sure there are a few actual nazis, kkk etc, but overwhelmingly they have used this to paint anyone who resists their own destruction as a “white supremacist”. And of course the thought of a sitting President blaming violent shrieking totalitarians throwing piss, blood and fire on people who dont want to be erased from history and the future is grounds for impeachment, assasination, etc.

    They DO want to destroy us. For some its because we are white and this is what theyve been trained to do. (college SJWs, BLM etc) others not because we are white but because we represent the last barrier to a rootless atomized nation to become consumer zombies. (((CNN, Corporate America, Big tech, GOP cucks, the DNC))).

    I can see it and im not even Alt Right, Ive always been a New deal democrat, lol.

    Thank God you write. I always read. Its very useful and helpful as you articulate many things that I think we all go through that nobody in the mainstream wants to touch.
    And who else writes with such poignancy and honesty about their own shortcomings, existential ruts AND pithy polemics on a single blog?

  2. I appreciate the generous comment. Thank you for reading and grasping what I’m trying to do here. I sometimes wonder if the blending of the personal and political makes for a coherent and enjoyable reading experience. It seems that it does, at least for some.

    Part of the point of weaving in details of my own life is to curb my own self righteousness and demagoguery. It’s important to me to be relatable and humble even when I’m ranting and raving about various political issues. I don’t always achieve this but it’s worthwhile to keep in mind.

    And being right isn’t something I cling to. I’m probably wrong often and always willing to admit it. But I want to improve and I genuinely approach writing as a craft, so even if my analysis is off or limited I still want to become a better writer everyday. If I’m an idiot I can’t help that, but maybe I can be an idiot that also writes well.

    The fact that you’re a new deal democrat is especially heartening to me. It’s good to know that there are people out there coming from different places who can read with an open mind and also intuit good intentions even when the material is potentially offensive or controversial. Thanks again.

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