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The Frankfurt School knew Trump was coming:

Of course they did. 

“Adorno believed that the greatest danger to American democracy lay in the mass-culture apparatus of film, radio, and television. Indeed, in his view, this apparatus operates in dictatorial fashion even when no dictatorship is in place: it enforces conformity, quiets dissent, mutes thought. Nazi Germany was merely the most extreme case of a late-capitalist condition in which people surrender real intellectual freedom in favor of a sham paradise of personal liberation and comfort.”

Adorno hated the mass culture apparatus because he was a snob. Why would he have given a genuine goddamn about American democracy? He wasn’t afraid of conformity and oppression, he was disturbed by large scale enjoyment. 

The Adorno’s of the world have a serious problem and preoccupation with dumb people having a good time. The ignorant masses  should be consuming art made by subversive jews that hate them. Anyone who doesn’t gravitate towards art that makes them feel bad is a dupe of the system. 

It was the malevolent culture industry that prevented people from listening to Arnold Schoenburg. It wasn’t that Schoenburg composed horrifically ugly, dispiriting music. Atonal music corresponds to nothing beautiful in the human soul. It necessarily appeals to a small group of arrogant critics and artists  who don’t listen to it for pleasure, but use it to increase their status. 

I love the phrase late-capitalist too. You know you’re dealing with a degenerate marxist hack when you start hearing that one. What the fuck does it mean? Late capitalism, as in you were once again dead wrong about the end of capitalism and now you have to act as though it’s really, this time, you mean it, almost over? 

Excuse me sir, I couldn’t help but notice that you are living in a home you have purchased with the wages you earn in exchange for your labor. This home is heated and air conditioned and has a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and a washing machine. You can have light whenever you want it thanks to the electricity. There’s plumbing and hot water. With your free time you listen to popular records and go to the movies to relax and enjoy major studio backed feature films. Were you aware, good sir, that what no doubt appears to you as comfort and personal liberation is in fact a sham paradise?

Wouldn’t you be far happier with real intellectual freedom? No, you wouldn’t be able to talk about race. Also you would have to be careful with what you say about gender. And class. And a bunch of other categories we’re going to invent. No, you will not be able to question equality or emancipation. Yes, your standard of living will go right down the toilet you won’t have, you’ll be shitting in a hole at the edge of the woods. 

We’ve prepared the script of real intellectual freedom for you, so you’ll just read from that. And we’ve gone ahead and decided how much money and food you need. We get human need, unlike you yokels and yuppies who get caught up in greed and false desires. We know what you and everyone else needs. You have too much and it’s time to give back. 

Read this petrified turd of Adorno’s:

“Lies have long legs: they are ahead of their time. The conversion of all questions of truth into questions of power, a process that truth itself cannot escape if it is not to be annihilated by power, not only suppresses truth as in earlier despotic orders, but has attacked the very heart of the distinction between true and false, which the hirelings of logic were in any case diligently working to abolish. So Hitler, of whom no one can say whether he died or escaped, survives.

How can anyone take that seriously? It’s like a shit log that coils around itself. When people write like this, it’s because they either don’t have a point at all, or their point is so shamefully weak that they have to hide it. 

That paragraph is the literary, intellectual equivalent of a penis rapidly going limp. It’s a pinched, helium fueled fart with one cheek lifted off the seat. In the thicket of gnarly verbiage the only thing I can make out is that nowadays, we don’t even care about the difference between true and false because….Hitler. 

The article has one point to make. You know the drill. Popular culture set the stage for the Trump presidency. The masses were conditioned to choose a charming demagogue as their leader. If only more people had listened to Schoenburg and gazed at toilets as if they were works of genius, we’d have elected Hillary and the progressive future would have marched on. 


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