Haven in a brainless world

I live in a city, but not a sanctuary city. My state’s general assembly passed a law in 2011 that forbids any town or city from preventing immigration officers from deporting illegal immigrants. I live in the Midwest, also known as the breadbasket of bigotry, a place you sneer at and spit on as you fly thousands of feet above it on your way to a coastal oasis of culture and learning. No one chooses to live in this repressive wasteland except for racists and renegade Mexicans.

Our white, Christian majority perversely wanted to protect itself, so it hatefully passed a law against harboring criminal aliens in its own home.  Here in American’s Hateland, there’s no sanctuary for squatting mestizos. At least where the law is concerned.

The trouble with the law is that its power lies in its enforcement. Otherwise it’s no more than a few blotches of ink, the shaky scribbling of impotent dribblers. There are laws determining who can live in this country and how they can become citizens, but mere words on a page won’t stop pedro from packing his entire extended family in a studio apartment if he knows the people around him are happy to watch their town turn into a barrio.

I live in a state sitting 1700 miles from Mexico, full of white Christians with  representatives who pass laws against sheltering trespassers. Here we punish businesses for hiring illegals and force cities to comply with immigration officials. But we still have 64,000 cast offs from mexico and around 93,000 illegal aliens total.

My state is so white, hateful and exclusive that it has only attracted about one hundred thousand uneducated, unskilled dirt people from the world’s sweltering mudruts. Even when we try to be inhospitable we’re still an inviting, comfortable place to ply a taco trade. For many of our misfortunately born mexicans, life in a foreign country surrounded by people who don’t want you here and don’t speak your language is still better than weekly bouts of caustic diarrhea under the broiling Yucatan sun.

There are now 14 states with declining illegal immigration. I’d venture a guess that they’re all states at least trying to enforce existing immigration laws. Where the threat of deportation is greater, there will be fewer illegals. Not that it will stop all of them, just as laws against murder only reduce the frequency of intentional eviscerations. And then there are states like California and cities like San Francisco, which can’t stretch its butthole wide enough to accommodate every aids patient, junky, hobo and migrant clamoring for an unlubed entry.

San Francisco is a reeking petri dish of all the worst elements of modern society. It’s a steaming bathhouse of pampered elitists, tech goons, corporate glad-handers, derelicts, homos and hoodwinkers. A feculent potpourri of transhumanist strivers, sham ceo’s, cultists and grime caked itinerants. San Francisco is a keg of backwash, a throbbing hive of vice and pretension. The cost of living is so high you either have to be satanically wealthy or shiftless to live there.

Its streets are overflowing with hepatitic needles and comatose vagrants. There are puddles of piss and rolling stench clouds from free range bowel movements. The city is a 47 mile mosiac of mutli million dollar homes, tent cities and shanty towns. It’s an ongoing affront to decency and balance, a monument to globalist arrogance and minority dysfunction, a model for the endgame of transnational corporate rule.

But why can’t these tech geniuses solve our social problems? They’ve changed the world with their ideas. Because they’ve mostly made the world worse. They’re not a solution to anything, they’re part of the problem. They should be flung into the ocean along with the errant urinators and rectal thermometers so normal humans can repopulate the area.

San Francisco is a sanctuary city, but for whom exactly is it a sanctuary? Certainly not Kathryn Steinle, a young white woman shot in the back by an illegal two years ago. Jose Zarate had already been deported five times, but he found sweet sanctuary in San Francisco, a city so compassionate it would rather cradle filthy alien criminals than protect actual american citizens.

This is justice in the current year: leniency and excuses for the discolored scum of the earth and death to whitey. Equality is defending foreign murderers and shrugging at the preventable deaths of pretty white women. This ugly unfolding of events began with the flouting of federal law. First, a San Francisco sheriff refused to give up Zarate for deportation. Because, remember, this is a sanctuary city.

Then Zarate, with nothing better to do, like learn the language of the foreign country he continually violated, found a gun that was stolen from a car by another miscreant. Because he’s a slow witted, careless pest, Zarate sat on a chair and played with the stolen weapon for twenty minutes. His defense claimed he didn’t know it was a gun. He likely mistook it for a gardening tool.

Finally, he accidentally fired the gun and when he saw that he’d hit someone, he ran away, leaving an innocent women to die in the arms of her father. Such solidarity is just one of the many benefits of multiculturalism. You can be sure that when a bullet pierces your brain on a boardwalk, our swelling, alien tongued criminal ranks will rush to help you rather than avert their eyes and silently celebrate.

A jury made up of multiple immigrants convicted Zarate on lesser gun charges and now he’s due for another deportation. It takes the senseless death of our own citizen to pry an illegal alien from San Francisco’s cold, gay hands. Now a sanctuary city mourns the loss of its most tenacious, illiterate landscaper. Though if past behavior predicts the future, it’s a sure bet Zarate will soon be back for another uninvited guest appearance in America. Maybe the seventh time will be the charm.

Naturally, leftists care more about the reaction to the murder than the murder itself. Every time a goat fucking outcast drives a truck into a crowd or slashes his way through a thicket of pedestrians, progressives lunge into action and denounce the hatred of their fellow Americans.

Anyone who coddles violent fugitives and condemns the healthy and natural reaction to hostile intrusion and internal subversion should also be deported. They should live in the slums, tunnels and junkyards of their favorite foreign countries and leave civilization to people with the intelligence and heart to maintain it.

Here’s a middle American message for the deviants, quislings and posers knee deep in hobo excrement on our nation’s coasts: keep flying over us, we don’t want you or your beloved criminals here. May you experience the joys of diversity like a piece of shrapnel in your spine.

Author: The Empty Subject

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4 thoughts on “Haven in a brainless world”

  1. Oh man this is magnificent. I wish this was in the op ed column of (((every major newspaper oulet. )))

    One comes to expect this type of thing to happen, given the quality of interlopers that we attract as we gut the trades in favor of low dollar cost high social cost temp workers like Senor Zarate. What one really needs to see and come to terms with is the sneering hatred that the open borders left has for their fellow citizens. They really do identify with people that would not piss on them if they were set on fire. Unfortunately I see this masochistic ideology feast upon the ill fated compassion of normal white people all the time. The latter’s decency toward a universal humanism comes from a good place, but is generally not reciprocated and any discussion that doesn’t involve self annihilation leaves charges of racism that are often social death in blue cities.

    1. Well put. You make a good point about how the white ideology of humanism is twisted to support the dispossession of earnest whites. The modern left is a motley collection of dupes and deceivers. Some whites genuinely don’t realize they’re undermining themselves and others are so depraved, they knowingly welcome their own defeat and humiliation. And wherever there’s a profit to be made from the subversion of a people, (((you know who))) is quick to the scene.

      Predatory Corporations play on universalist sentiments, which are much stronger in whites. Even low iq mud people, unable to build complex, functional societies, have the basic animal cunning to cash in on a scam when they see one. The “we are all one race” claptrap is deadly for the one race that takes it seriously.

      1. “The “we are all one race” claptrap is deadly for the one race that takes it seriously.”

        There’s an old saying in poker: if you can’t spot the sucker in the first five minutes at the table, then you ARE the sucker. The current shift back to the right is the slow realization by whites that they have been played.

        1. It took me a long time to get it. I’m a naturally aloof, sleepy person and didn’t start to wake up until I was 27. My upbringing was free of trauma, abuse and chaos, but I had no frame of reference for understanding social change. Additionally, I had an arrogant preference for philosophy, which only intensified my disregard for contemporary political processes. I didn’t care about my background, my bloodline, my country, or my social maturation. Nor did I bother with morality or religion except to criticize them, reduce them to selfish drives or write them off as justification for oppression. I was a casual atheist but a “deep” thinker because I read Nietzsche. Even though I was also reading Marx, I was blind to the reality of group behavior. Ideas and individuals were all that mattered to me and people in general were idiots, herd animals.

          Now I try to appreciate social reality, and am far more keen to arguments involving history, demographics, ethnicity, sex, morality, religion, group conflict and economic and technological change. There’s still a Marxist influence in my thought but now I see much more value in certain aspects of tradition, authority and monogamy, and I accept the nature of hierarchy, race and sexuality. Over the last four or five years, it has become increasingly clear that more of us are noticing certain patterns we’ve been commanded to ignore, as well as rediscovering a sense of shared interests, whether it be ethnic, religious, historical or cultural. We’ve come together on different sites to discuss, under the cover of internet anonymity, our dangerous observations. The tide is turning. I’m not as pessimistic or melancholy as I sound on here at times. Everything good in life is worth the fight.

          On a final note, I’ve made a few small changes to this piece that I hope you guys will appreciate. Mostly have reworked the 14th paragraph and tinkered with a few lines here and there.

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