Here comes the parade

Now that the inauguration and protests are over, we can all return to our meaningless, mechanically repetitive lives. It was fun while it lasted. I know it was a good time for anarchists and antifascists. Those maladjusted dorks live for evanescent moments of senseless rioting and property destruction. Now that it’s over they have to return to their tents or highway underpasses or dumpsters or whatever shanty style home they’re currently befouling.

A legion of micropenises descended upon DC to battle the vile menace of resurrected Hitler. Courageous, anonymous, masked, spindle armed tranny porn masturbators fought bravely against trashcans and storefront windows. They smashed the windows of a limo because limo drivers are fascist plutocrats plotting to gas gays, gypsies and jews.

The targets were symbolic, the anarchists will tell you. Starbucks is a symbol of global capitalism, the hegemonic hate machine that churns people into paste for obscene, hoarded profits. And limos are symbols of the opulent and arrogant upper classes who cruelly flaunt their unearned privileges in the faces of the suffering poor.

Anarchists fight symbols because they are feckless losers with no power. Anything can be twisted into a “symbol” for these asthmatic, manic depressive goons. Their theorizing about capitalism and struckshures is autistic ranting, robotic repetition of inhuman, ugly jargon. Leftists and their ilk are typically the least charismatic and likeable people by default, so they retreat to a world of symbols and theories were they can console themselves for being social disasters.

Limo drivers and starbucks baristas make about 30,000 dollars a year. If anyone was affected by the symbolic attacks, it was people who wear hats and aprons on the job. Once again, protests did nothing to stop the powerful while harming the lives of average people.

Take that, symbols of capitalism, even though I thought the protests were about Donald Trump. Another characteristic of dipshit leftist protests is that they have no real focus and splinter into a million different pet causes and hobby grievances. Down with Trump. Fuck Capitalism. Fuck Corporations. White men, cis men, patriarchy. No blood for oil. Military Industrial complex. Slut pride, poor pride, gay pride, aids pride. Down with hate. 

By the way, has anyone ever been intimidated by an anarchist or antifacist? They all look like weak, malnourished, bullied gaylords and have the voices to match. They wear cumrag bandanas over their faces because showing your face to your enemy is something an actual man would do. With voices cracking and undescended testicles rattling, hormonal sideshow circus freaks squared off against symbols and inanimate objects while avoiding real confrontation and conflict.

One disorderly proletardian unleashed his inner spaz monkey and sucker punched Richard Spencer on camera during an interview. Richard Spencer is a no name white nationalist who got a little lift in notoriety from an Atlantic article in late November. He’s a total patsy and cheap foil. Perfect fodder for concentrated nerdrage.

I watched the video and what’s funny is that the antifacist couldn’t knock Spencer down with a full running start and the element of surprise. Richard Spencer is talking to a man with a camera. The attacker runs and leaps into the punch and Spencer is barely knocked back and remains on his feet.

When these festering little pussies work up the shattered nerve to fight, they hit with the force of a 7 year old girl. It’s no wonder their preferred mode of engagement is tossing bricks through windows and running away.

They celebrated their victory over decency, masculinity, and honor on facebook. It was a just act because Richard Spencer is a nazi and their grandfathers fought and killed nazis. In the delusional mind of an antifacist, there is a direct line of descent from men storming the beaches at normandy to sucker punching someone and laughing on the internet.

And then saturday rolled around and the pussy party kicked off. Like most women’s empowerment or liberation events, it wasn’t violent or threatening or dangerous, just embarrassing.

Women, who constantly remind men and the rest of society that they are more than their vaginas, made constant, crass reference to their vaginas. Behaving with dignity and femininity clearly isn’t an option. The whole “they go low, we go high” invocation is about as far from reality as you can get with these people. They don’t have to go low. They’re already there, perpetually.

It’s always about pussies and being a slut and fucking and nudity and menstrual blood and shit and piss with these sick weirdos. I frequently mention poop and rape because it’s good for cheap laughs and I know I’m a degenerate. I’m not building a movement or resisting power or pretending to be a principled person.

But I’m starting to think and feel differently. I’m too close to these people in lifestyle. I can mock their antics and beliefs all I want, but what about my own behavior? I know that I’d never sucker punch someone, so that’s a start.

Obsessing over sex and excrement is a spiritual dead end. I want a fulfilling life of purpose, beauty, and dignity. I want a healthy life shared with people I love. Watching hordes of malcontents and genetic outcasts this weekend brought these burgeoning desires into focus.

Author: The Empty Subject

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