Here’s how it’s going to go down

Straight, white men of America have been waiting for this moment. We’ve thought, we’ve planned, we’ve deliberated in the shadows, and now it’s time to speak out, to act. The days of remaining silent in the face of degeneration, diversity and perversity are over.

My heart is a cornucopia of phobia, hatred, and prejudice. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t make coffee, I don’t stretch, I don’t meditate. I think about the homos spreading disease one scabrous butthole at a time. I think about the trannies tricking honest men in bug infested motel rooms. Dumpsters brimming with murdered infants, waves of terrorists crashing upon the shores of a formerly glorious nation.

Black vagrants squirting their seed indiscriminately in the always open cunts of insatiable ghetto queens. Generations adrift, no fathers, no education, no guidance in life. Learning nothing but how to steal, how to shoot, how to sink deeper into squalor and ignorance.

Porous borders. Sacks of scum from Mexico staining the sandy expanse of the southwest. The poor and religious mud people living on streets lined with their own feces reproducing at an exponential rate. Beautiful white women with healthy genes hacking away at their own wombs, popping hormone pills, bloated, confused, fucking for sterility’s sake.

White birthrates plummeting. Brown birthrates skyrocketing. A shit tsunami gaining size and speed every day. Demographic disaster looming on the horizon.

Hatred and fear are my stimulants, my spurs to action. My fellow white men are the same. Hatred has always been our motivation. We love to control and kill. We understand our interest, and it’s crushing the weak, the infirm, the aids ridden other. Enslaving and degrading whole populations gets us rock hard and ready to sire the next generation of pristine white tyrants.

We let the blacks, the women, the gays, the muslims and the mexicans have their time. Hope you enjoyed it, because we’re bending that historical arc back towards true white supremacy.

Black men and women will be put back on plantations. The big strong black men will do all the backbreaking heavy toil, and the women will scrub toilets and make pancakes with delicious maple syrup. Gifted blacks will sing and dance for our entertainment.

Most of the gays will be fed into wood chippers, but a few will be allowed to design the interiors of our homes.

Every mexican will get a one way ticket to mexico. Muslims will be left to die in the desert. We will import tacos, burritos, and shawarma. White women will not commit the crime of miscegenation. They will bear beautiful, healthy white children by responsible, productive white men.

We will drop the cripples and ailing into the ocean. We will drop bombs on Saudia Arabia and Iraq. We’ll go hunting and drinking with Putin. There will be much laughter as everyone who isn’t a straight, white male lives a live of degradation.

All of this will come to pass because Donald Trump is now our president. He ran on a clear, obvious platform of White Power. Trump is merely the spearhead of a longstanding plot. He’s the crowning of a new era, a throwback to better days when blacks couldn’t eat at our restaurants or go to our schools. When women couldn’t vote, when the massacre of indians and mexicans was celebrated and encouraged.

It’s about goddamn time.

Author: The Empty Subject

Born curmudgeon

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