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A few days ago I posted about Morris Berman’s Dark Ages America. It occurred to me that I left out an interesting detail. Berman, as an aside, almost as if pausing for breath in the middle of his protracted jeremiad, says that his family came to America in the early 1920’s. And if it weren’t for that voyage, they would have met a grisly end in Germany in the 40’s.

So Berman is a Jew. He doesn’t openly champion Jewish interests, and he does criticize Israel, at least in its relation to American foreign policy. While he doesn’t promote his tribe, he ignores the pervasive Jewish influence on American culture and politics in the 20th century. As always, when a country is crumbling, the Jews are blameless. They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, in hundreds of different places at hundreds of different times throughout history.

Berman breathlessly rambles about the Christian right wing takeover of America, but he doesn’t mention that the neocon movement of the W. Bush era was well stocked with Jews. And he has no idea why the Jews keeps running into trouble, why their history is one long, sad story of persecution. He can admit that wherever they go, Jews outperform natives, but as to why that might create problems, he has no ideas.

Either Berman is earnestly insensitive or he is lying by omission. Of course there’s no reason for anyone to dislike or distrust the Jews, except for the fact that Jews are superior. So as soon as we can all accept the plain reality of Jewish genetic and cultural supremacy, we can continue the fight against racist, Christian whites and their illicit, theocratic rule.

It’s the Christian right wing that’s ruining this country, says the crafty Jew critic. It’s not as though a group of insular, nepotistic outsiders has infiltrated yet another country and worked its way to the top of financial institutions, government, industry, and media to advance its own interests.

Berman is critical of the American-Israeli relationship, but how does he think it came about? Who does he think is responsible? It must be a coincidence that a heavy Jewish presence in the American government and media would translate into lopsided support for Israel’s campaign of terror and genocide against the Palestinians.

This is what happens when you let Jews into your country. You open your arms to a group of people who will criticize your every move, trash your traditions and profit from your collapse. America saved Berman’s family from an intolerant, ruthless power, and he repays his generous host country by building a lucrative, high status career on sneering at the stupidity of its people. That’s Jewish gratitude for you.

Berman isn’t a hardline Zionist defending Jewish crimes in the middle east, but he’s still a Jew, an individual from a tribe of wandering grifters and grubbers, a man without footing in a foreign country. He criticizes the American people for being restless, rootless, profit seeking and crass, while remaining apparently oblivious to how those negative characteristics have historically been associated with Jews, and how Jewish behavior and influence might be relevant in explaining the current condition of the country.

If America is entering a dark age, then at one point it must have been a beacon of civilization. Berman bemoans the cultural and economic developments beginning in the post war period that led to imperial overextension abroad and decadence at home. But the early stages of American decline mysteriously coincided with increased Jewish immigration, much of it from southern and eastern Europe. It’s unimaginable that Jews had a hand in drafting policies and disseminating ideas and attitudes detrimental to the health of American society. It could only have been those bigoted Christians following the spirit of their destructive, divisive religion.

It’s peculiar that critical minds have maintained a laser-like focus on challenging the validity of Christianity and excising it from the center of American life while ignoring the injurious and irrational tendencies of other major religions and cultures. It’s curious that the leading lights of progress encourage ethnic solidarity and pride in duskier groups while condemning it in whites, primarily Anglo-Saxon, English speaking peoples.

Now, plenty of whites have taken it upon themselves to work towards their own displacement and marginalization. But to act as though Jewish thought and practice are unrelated to the diminishment of Western Culture in the 20th century is to engage in time honored Jewish intellectual evasion and obfuscation.

Also, Berman is bereft of interest in 20th century Jewish intellectual movements. He doesn’t mention psychoanalysis or the Frankfurt School. He ignores the Boasian school of Anthropology and the rise of the standard social science model. Cultural relativism, social constructionism and the blank slate all flow from movements formed and led by Jews. These intellectual trends took hold of the American academy and bled into the surrounding culture. The result was steady fracturing of American society and the emergence of a managerial ethnic and racial spoils system.

Freud was pigheadedly hostile towards Christianity and Western culture. He took pride in the discomfiting nature of his unhinged speculations and built them into a bizarre canon. Psychoanalysis was a pseudo-intellectual, authoritarian movement structured by rigid group think and ruthless rank purging. Despite its glaring weaknesses, its rickety dogmatism, atrocious clinical record, and contemptuous dismissal of empirical reality, psychoanalysis presented itself as an antidote to culturally and religiously induced psychic sickness and was taken seriously as a therapeutic modality and scientific practice.

Freud and his baseless theories waged war on traditional sexual morality. By damaging the credibility of monogamous pair bonding and the family, psychoanalysis paved the way for widespread anomie, releasing people from obligations, rules and regulations that channeled violent, chaotic sexual energy towards productive, fulfilling and stable ends. High investment parenting, the bedrock of a productive, creative and secure civilization, gave way to low investment parenting patterns in which fathers were phased out and replaced by wasteful government programs. Crime, demotivation, and personality disorders followed in the wake of changing sexual mores and family breakdown.

The Frankfurt school launched an unsparing attack on Western society, recasting loyalty to an in-group, religious belief, and attachment to a nation or place of birth as mental illness. According to the thinkers of the Frankfurt school, the well adjusted, healthy personality was radically individualistic, skeptical, self doubting and insecure, while the pathological personality was patriotic, group-oriented, ethnocentric and self confident.

The studies and screeds of the Frankfurt School were light on genuine research. There was no substantive social science. Jewish interests were at the forefront of their spiteful theorizing even though they couched their efforts in a perfunctory universalism. Additionally, the Frankfurt School was critical and dismissive towards the Enlightenment strand of Western thought.

The Dialectic of the Enlightenment is a signature Frankfurt school tract, a dense, largely incomprehensible work that claims that the values of the Enlightenment are justifications for oppression and domination, and that the techniques and technologies generated by a narrow instrumental rationality mutilate and standardize disparate forms of indigenous life. Quality is reduced to quantity and reason dispels myth only to create new myths of its own superiority while eradicating real cultural diversity.

The steady seeping of Frankfurt School thought into the institutions and cultural channels of America destroyed confidence in science and rationality, weakened attachments to country and dissolved group identification among Whites. These ideas influenced people to think that rooted, family oriented and religiously guided habits and values were the aberrant coping mechanisms of mentally defective individuals.

Berman is a big believer in the Enlightenment and science, but he has nothing to say about the prominence of Jewish intellectuals in anti-rational and anti-enlightenment movements of the 20th century. You might think he’d be critical of Jewish led criticism that tarnished the reputation of scientific and rational thought. Berman shakes his head in disgust over the rise of Christian fundamentalism and contempt for science and reason, but he doesn’t see that Jewish dominated critique is at least partially responsible for this.

Jewish promoted multiculturalism erodes unity and cooperation. It requires costly and complex systems and techniques of population control and conflict management. Unaccountable organizations that cultivate minority grievances and oversee wealth confiscation constrict free economic activity and intensify ethnic tension, suspicion and bias.

A pluralistic society held together by a legal framework of racial privileges and favors for the highest and lowest performers incentivizes division, dysfunction and cynical system gaming. Productivity and creativity suffer, but more importantly, health and happiness wane as life becomes more anxious, insecure, competitive and alienating.

I’m not saying it’s all the Jews fault, but it’s hard for me to take an account of American decline seriously when it refuses to mention Jewish contributions to nationwide chaos and rot. Berman isn’t an anti-semite or anything, so he takes the everyday Jewish route and hysterically shrieks about our failed civilization and the dangers of Christian theocracy.

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