It’s a trap

What your friends say about Trump. What your dad says about the democrats. Articles entitled “Dear White People.” Dumb christians saying hateful things about gays. Dumb gays saying hateful things about christians.

Atheists and their playground concept of god. Non scientists pretending to understand science. Climate change. Skeptics and believers. Fluoride in your toothpaste. Estrogen in your water. Lead in your pipes and asbestos in your attic.

The reckless behavior of Putin. The totalitarian nightmare of North Korea. Trade deals with China. Do we need more brown and black people in America or fewer. What would the founding fathers think and what would jesus do. The hypocrisy of everyone around you.

This group of people believes one thing about this issue, but they also believe this other thing about this other issue. It’s like, a contradiction or something. This guy said one thing ten years ago and now he’s saying something different.

The true, hidden meaning behind people’s words. This statement sounds okay on the surface but it’s really a rallying cry for fascism. If you disregard people’s stated intentions and indulge your paranoia then it’s absolutely terrifying what they’re saying.

Turning a noun into a verb and thinking you have a concept. They’re normalizing fascism and it’s terrifying. They’ve weaponized economic fears and people have become radicalized and it’s terrifying. Power structures and power relations. White supremacy. People who problematize the power structure.

Gender inequality. Wealth disparity. Wage stagnation. Raising minimum wage. Abolishing minimum wage. Welfare and reparations. Black lives matter. Blue lives matter. Black on black crime. Lynching and jim crow and redlining and the glass ceiling and voter suppression. Cultural appropriation.

Disproportionate anything is a crime, a scandal. There’s a woman shortage in tech. A woman shortage in science. Philosophy. Math. Too few women getting their tits blown off in combat. Not enough male nurses and caretakers and stay at home dads. Why aren’t men breastfeeding their children yet. Why aren’t women pissing in urinals.

We need more blacks winning awards for their soaring performances in movies about discrimination. Why didn’t that black guy win an award for playing a black guy who didn’t win awards because of racist whites.

The return of nationalism. Normalizing nationalism. Neo Liberalism. Pathologizing what they’ve normalized.  The gold standard and the federal reserve. Jew bankers and their progressive pawns. Manufactured consent. Manufactured dissent. Automated opinion. They’ve opinionized the masses and turned clods into critics.

Beauty standards and the patriarchy. Hateful heteronormative policing of women’s bodies. Rape culture and slut shaming. Slut walks. The right to have abortions and stds and bastard children and no shame or judgment coming from anyone ever. Celebrating wart ridden wombs and ending the stigma of spreading incurable diseases.

You’re going to die. You’re growing older by the second and you can’t do anything about it. Take a deep breath. This will all be forgotten. This will all come to nothing. Take a walk and feel the beating heart of emptiness at the core of the world.

Author: The Empty Subject

Born curmudgeon

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  1. People who pride themselves on their ‘complexity’ and deride others for being ‘simplistic’ should realize that the truth is often not very complicated. What gets complex is evading the truth. – Thomas Sowell

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