Not our president

10 years ago Donald Trump said he could grab women by the pussy. He said that when you’re rich and famous, women will let you walk right up and kiss them. America’s delicate sensibility was irreversibly traumatized.

America elected and then reelected a serial sexual predator, a man caught lying about getting his dick sucked by an intern while he was in office.

American movies and music are brimming with sexually explicit scenes, images, sounds and references. If you suggest that this is toxic and corrosive, you’re dismissed as a prude, if not a tyrant imposing his morality on others.

Comedians, male and female alike, rise to fame on the strength of jokes about masturbating. Every other ‘funny’ thing someone says on tv is about a dick, pussy, or fucking.

Pornography floods almost every home in America. People check out of their lives and jack off to degrading, contrived behavior filmed by opportunistic reprobates. Teenage girls shave their pussies and boys think that a fitting end to a selfish, one sided sex act is spewing semen on a girl’s face.

I’m not even trying to come up with examples. I’m not reading deeply into the fabric of the country’s moral fiber. This is all obvious, open, admitted, taken for granted.

It’s amusing how we immediately adopt a regressive, victorian attitude towards women, like they’re defenseless, innocent creatures. Like women don’t disgusting things about men when talking amongst themselves. I goddamn guarantee you plenty of women have said things like, “you can just grab them by the dick” in crass good humor.

It’s always about what men do to women. Men are always responsible. What’s glossed over is the role of female choice. No one talks about the fact that women like it when powerful men are sexually bold and aggressive. Trump can act on his impulses in the company of beautiful women because this is what beautiful women prefer.

Ugly, barren, portly, sexually confused women with various eating disorders and mental problems don’t like it when powerful, rich men give beautiful young women what they want. Weak, effeminate, struggling, socially inadequate men don’t like it either. It’s too natural and healthy for their perverse, botched constitutions.

I’m reaching my main point here. For women, words and actions are always secondary to identity. Who you are determines what you are allowed to do. If you’re on the right team, all is permitted, all can be justified.

Women don’t like sexually aggressive men, unless they’re handsome, rich, or famous. The public is morally outraged when a successful man talks about his sex life in private. The same public cheers and celebrates a dumpy, dour feminist when she talks about her exploits.

You give women the vote, you take them too seriously and everything turns into a matter of identity. It’s okay to be a racist, sexist piece of trash if you’re a member of the protected minority class.

Otherwise, nothing you do is acceptable. They will find some way to make what you do “problematic”. There is no morality or consistency, only the most convenient tool at the time for bashing the enemy.

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