We’re all just people, man

Diversity is a vacuum of thought. It’s not an idea and it has no inherent worth. But we must praise it, celebrate it, and violently reorder our lives to serve it.

We might as well grunt and scratch ourselves instead of speaking because what we say about diversity is no more than apish flea picking and grooming. It’s animalistic signaling of tribal membership and submission. Whatever the context, when you praise diversity, what you’re saying is┬áplease don’t beat me. I’m a good monkey.

It’s a verbal tic, a form of Tourette’s, a spasm in speech. We don’t think, we protect ourselves from thinking. We punish honest inquiry as if a few questions about the value of population churn could cause race riots and mass hangings.

Diversity has no tradition or history. It fell out of the sky in the 90’s and became an ideological anchor. No one bothers to find out where it came from or why it’s so important, but that doesn’t stop anyone from cramming it into every single statement they make about who they are and what they believe.

Everyone must rabidly commit themselves to diversity, regardless of what makes them happy. Every institution must become more diverse, regardless of its history, function or design. Our recent preference for novelty seeking numbs us to our deeper need for similarity, stability and agreement. A healthy, integrated self is dependent on social continuity and cohesion, but we’ve not only lost sight of this, we actively campaign against it.

Diversity has become, in the span of about 25 years, an absolute value. It’s as if western civilization had achieved nothing until 1964. As if life in any era before 1995 was a suffocating nightmare of uniformity, a hopeless, homogenized grind without laughter, joy, beauty and brilliance. But everything is getting better now that we’re shoehorning ill fitting flotsam into every institutional nook and cranny.

Don’t mind the crime, terrorism and ethnic tension. Forget the withering of trust, the draining of social capital, decline of civic participation, the falling wages and the explosion of mental illness. The rise of addiction, passivity, sterility, the scamming, listless hedonism, the plague of cynicism, boredom and despair. The greed, consolidation of wealth, rapid degradation of the environment and cultural adulteration. These are mere externalities, paltry sacrifices in service to our new god.

I can’t stress enough that the way we talk about diversity is stupefying. Something about the word makes people prattle like Miss America contestants binging on valium. Grown men turn into into high school bimbos gabbing to their girlfriends on the phone after school. They say things like diversity is who we are.

It’s beneath refutation; it’s the drooling, incontinent admission of a glass- eyed, self-satisfied simpleton, but it passes for a philosophy, it counts as a contribution to our national discourse.

They’ll also mumble about how diversity gives us more ideas and then we can decide on the best ones, as if anything creative ever happened by throwing together a bunch of unintegrated, distrustful strangers and then letting them babble all over each other. A ditzy interest in colorful clothes and spicy food won’t bridge the cultural and historical gaps between people with vastly different experiences and traditions. Fetishes born of weak social attachments only intensify misunderstanding and alienation.

Then there’s the number crunching, emotionally mutilated approach. Socially desiccated nerds love to argue for the marginal economic benefits of diversity, immigration and bloating populations. A few piddling technological or scientific advances are all the compensation they need for their displacement and anomie. A fractional increase in the GDP and the funneling of a few extra pennies into the gullets of corporate billionaires more than make up for the loss of a shared way of life.

We’re all equal, but we must also be diverse. Because we’re all exactly the same inside, we need to include people with different perspectives. Division is bad but diversity is good. You must be diverse without being divisive. Separation is always wrong unless everyone agrees to it. If something wants to be a part of you then you have to accept it.

There will come a day when the borders of our bodies become obsolete. We’ll shame our fascist immune systems for rejecting undocumented pathogens. Every virus deserves a chance to thrive. Bacterial lives matter. And if our bigoted bodies happen to break down from an onslaught of illness, then it’s only because we weren’t loving and tolerant enough.

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