On an empty stomach

My roommates will be hosting several friends and family members for the woman’s march this weekend. Of course it’s the two gays who live up on my floor. There’s already two people too many up here and soon there will be six or seven additional degenerates crowding the space. The entire third floor of the house is the size of a staircase landing. Meanwhile, a single person lives in the cavernous, multi room basement with a private bathroom.

Also, the gay male told me to not smoke weed because it might make his parents and friends uncomfortable. At least our priorities are in order. Though his parents have accepted their son’s shitdick lifestyle, a guy smoking weed alone in a tiny room might offend their tastes.

Women are marching on washington. You can march if you’re a man as long as you agree with everything women say and do. Except for white women who need to be slandered for being white and oppressive. Women must come together to tear each other apart over their conflicting sub-loyalties.

Contemporary feminists can’t even put a march together without fractious squabbling over minority quotas. They are exhibiting the very behavior in organizing the march that brought about their perceived need for a march in the first place.

The white house is about to be occupied by a bigot, a hateful and disgusting racist, mysogynist piece of shit. He hatefully literally seckshoollee assaults women with hatred in his hateraping heart and we’re going to come together as one to voice our dissent. Hey wait there are too many fucking privileged white women running this march. Fuck these ignorant ass basic bitches dem doo be doo spice latte yoga sheeeit. 

At the same time, one of the lowest things you can do as a man is complain like an excluded weakling. “Hey, why can’t we have a men’s march? Feminists are the real sexists. We are the true champions of equality.” It falls under the “Why isn’t there a white history month?” style of ineffectual and insincere criticism.

The real question is why in the fuck would any decent, well adjusted person ever want to participate in a march or protest? What kind of pathetic, personality vacuum character crater wants a protest or a special month or television series to glorify his downtrodden identity?

Protests are for dysfunctionally bored and shiftless people. It’s a lot like porn, where the problem lies not so much in an overactive sex drive, but rather a lack of fulfilling engagement with the world. You think it’s passion and churning testosterone making you masturbate for the fourth time today, but you just a need a hobby and probably a family.

Another weekend of chaos in the capital. I’ve written this over and over again but I don’t know why I stay in this cesspit. I hate politics and I have no family or friends here. Oh, I just remembered; there are no good jobs in my hometown and I’m too poor to move anywhere else. For the time being I’ll just try to work as much as possible and keep my head down.  Humbly serve coffee while malcontents gather to air their sour cunts out all over the streets of DC. Someday I’ll make my escape.

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