The platitudes of Abraham Lincoln

You’re divisive, says the feckless retard losing the argument. Division is bad when you’re not anti-white or anti-American. Otherwise it’s an inescapable part of life, a mathematical function, a basic process, a primordial, cellular act.

There’s no unity without division; a collective can’t include everyone. Unless you’re a leftist, you don’t welcome violent criminals and inscrutable aliens into your country, your neighborhood or your home.

So what do the disingenuous liberal weasels and the spineless flatterers and fluffers in the grand old party mean when they say Trump is divisive? What is their idea of unity?

Subservience. Renunciation. Yes, I’ve been a bad internationalist. I’m a member of a particular group,  I belong to some and not others. I’m a reactionary, a racist, a divider. I deserve a good purging. 

Inbred elites want you to submit. Their unity means an ethnically mish-mashed, culturally discordant, religiously impoverished, artistically incompetent, ugly consumerist jumble of juvenile hedonists watching each other’s every move and monitoring each other’s every word.

They believe in bringing everyone together on the platform of hating the culture and history of whites and sneering at healthy heterosexuality. Unity means dissolving organic social bonds while flamboyantly posturing as an enlightened consumer of slave labor gadgets and ethnic cuisine.

The globalists brought out their rusted, obsolete weapons to fight back against the middle American resistance to elite engineered dysfunction. They revived the rotting carcass of John McCain to condemn Nationalism. When that failed to persuade a single person they called on lifelong fuckup George W. Bush to mouth pseudo-religious tripe about the blasphemy of racism and bigotry.

John McCain and George W. Bush, the defeated, shameful, septic vestiges of our fake conservative past, gave their final, impotent performances in service to a godless cabal of cosmopolitan managers, bankers and sodomites and secured their spot in a barbecue pit deep in the bowels of hell.

When John McCain ran for president, liberals hated him. When George W. Bush was the president, liberals hated him. But now that Trump is president, liberals wistfully commemorate the wisdom of a befuddled warmonger. Bush and McCain’s republican party isn’t opposition. They’re in fundamental agreement with elite liberals on the important points: open borders, free trade, less for whites and more for browns, more for them and less for us.

When Bush pushed for war, leftists called him a racist. Bush bombed brown people because he was a White Christian bigot. But now that Trump is president and the American people have rejected neocon imperialism, minority grievance and unlimited immigration, Bush is a measured man, a reasonable voice, a relic of a beautiful, bygone era when conservatives knew their proper role: advancing internationalist causes and losing to liberals.

The left looks back fondly on the days of Bush and McCain because those men took their savage beatings with quiet dignity. They wouldn’t fight for their culture and people but they worked for expansion and consolidation in government and business; they championed costly foreign conflicts, carried out socially disruptive economic policies and oversaw destabilizing population movements. The reverent guardians of civilization always want more; more war, more territory, more immigration, more profit and more spending.

Conservatives cherish the failing and decrepit, repeating what doesn’t work as they destroy everything worth defending. They’re passive, blunted, ineffectual and repetitive. They’ll write foppish op-eds and essays while America burns and they’ll preen for their elitist friends as the middle class evaporates and the lower classes sink deeper into dysfunction.

The grand old republicans serve Israel, worship corporate power and eagerly join leftists mobs to thrash and banish anyone who says anything remotely approaching the truth about race, gender or immigration. They criticize nationalism because they have no allegiance to America. They love their bloodless idea of America and despise its people, history and heritage.

We were a unified America until Trump came along. Just one big happy family of homosexuals, blacks, illiterate invaders and racist whites until one man highlighted the otherwise unnoticed and irreconcilable differences among a mixed population undergoing rapid demographic transformation in the middle of technological disruption and economic upheaval.

Author: The Empty Subject

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