Scattered notes on Hollywood

Harvey weinstein isn’t a white man. Harvey weinstein is a jew. This is a reminder to myself and the public.

When a jew wins a pulitzer or makes a scientific discovery, then he’s a jew. And everyone celebrates. The whole world shares the pride of jewish distinction. What piercing intellects they have, what keen insight into reality. Gentiles are lucky to share the earth with such a prodigious and talented tribe.

When a jew rapes a few actresses, then he’s a white man. A plain and simple white man, in the same broad category as your average anglo grocer. An apparently modest man with dark, barely constrained urges, like all white men. Nothing separates weinstein from white men in general, except his fame and power. Since all white men are shadowy rapists on the inside, if you gave your grocer five hundred million dollars and a production studio then he’d be groping actresses too.

So when it comes to the repulsive, illegal things he’s done, don’t think of Weinstein as anything other than a white man. You wouldn’t want to rouse the dark side of jewish supremacy; the most powerless, perennially dispossessed people of all time will be at your throat, threatening to ruin you while pleading for special protection.

What we call systems are recognizable patterns and organic hierarchies that emerge from group and individual behavior. When a sniveling liberal hisses about systemic racism, he imagines an invisible force pushing people to act the way they do, when the invisible force is just the liberal’s skewed interpretation of the behavior patterns of individuals and groups in competition with each other.

When blacks commit crime, the leftist blames a system of oppression. He’ll say white supremacy is the reason blacks shoot each other in the streets. But it’s the other way around. Blacks shooting each other in the streets is the reason there’s white supremacy.

It’s a confusion of cause and effect. Hatred doesn’t cause people to stereotype, people acting like annoying and destructive stereotypes cause hatred.

The behavior is what matters, while the perception is secondary, derivative. Liberals flip this order of importance. They think we don’t like certain people because we’ve been taught to see them as lesser, as underperforming, dysfunctional and dumb. The corruption lay in our vision and not in their disposition. The negro is nothing but potential until the white supremacist gaze turns him into an impulsive, violent lowlife.

Where some see a system, I find an aggregate of acts. These acts follow from decisions and decisions flow from character. Each of these elements reciprocally determines the other.  This is the etched-in-stone dynamic of human life.

You’re the system. The system is its people. Environments aren’t arbitrary containers, with some species stored here and others there in a random distribution. People produce their societies through their actions and beliefs. Their institutions, habits and customs are expressions of what they value and their history is the succession of the choices they’ve made. And underlying everything is biology, the common blood of a community tempered in time, evolving together.

Remember, you aren’t white unless you’re wrong, unless you’re responsible for the plight of the lesser races and genders. There’s no such thing as white male achievement, there’s only white male dominance. Achievement is good and dominance is bad.

White men don’t achieve. Blacks, Asians, women and jews do. Cripples, paraphilics and drifters, international trespassers, globe-squatters, ditch dwellers and landfill sifters succeed against the odds while White men use their unearned advantages to exploit, demean and harass vulnerable minorities.

Harvey weinstein isn’t just a jew, he’s a hollywood jew. A misshapen grab bag of deadly sins, an incarnation of disorder and excess, a cartoon, a two dimensional piece of propaganda come to life. He’s a Nazi fantasy in the flesh. He’s an example, the empirical basis of negative stereotypes.

His characteristics as a hollywood jew have been “whitewashed” so the nation can come together to meditate on and denounce white male sexual abuse. It’s our ritual response to any particular violation by a specific person that could implicate an incorrect group, a “protected” class of people. We shift the burden of responsibility onto a group we’re comfortable condemning.

Gun violence is a white male problem. Blacks don’t kill people with guns, neither do muslims or hispanics. Or gay men. How many gay men own guns? Straight white men shoot everyone. A hollywood jew doesn’t abuse actresses, it’s the white man in him. The white man in us all. That free floating entitlement, that amorphous advantage over everyone and everything. It reared its horrifically ugly head in Harvey weinstein, average white man, and it threatens to overtake all of society.

#Me too is an unwittingly apt hashtag slogan for this moment in feminism. Me too is something a child says. It’s something a child feels. Someone who lacks the courage to speak until they can safely say “me too” is not a mature, responsible agent and shouldn’t be taken seriously as an independent actor in society.

What others call blaming the victim, I call explaining what happened. When something bad happens to you, it’s worthwhile to understand how and why. If you’re interested in preventing more bad things from happening and more people from taking advantage of you, you should evaluate your behavior and adjust your expectations.

It doesn’t mean your victimizer doesn’t bear greater responsibility or that he shouldn’t be punished for his wrongdoing. It doesn’t mean you should endlessly reproach yourself. But knowing what’s likely to happen in a given circumstance gives you preventative power. Some might call it empowering.

There’s a difference between foolishness and evil, between imprudence and malice. The criminal is bad, while the victim of his crime is often unwise. Blaming the victim doesn’t also mean letting the victimizer off the hook. These aren’t mutually exclusive options. We can punish and condemn criminals and at the same time warn inept people against certain habits and tendencies that put them in a vulnerable place where they can be preyed upon.

The Me too movement will include an effusive, ever expanding range of narratives, from the perfectly recounted to the completely fabricated, from brutal, life shattering gang rapes to getting awkwardly asked out by an unattractive friend of a friend. It will mash together and muddle different and unrelated power dynamics, social structures and interactions in wildly divergent environments.

Me too will break down into tedious, hair splitting arguments between feminists over who’s the real victim, who’s a bigger victim and whether or not these stories trigger victims. How dare we even mention rape and abuse because it reopens old wounds. How dare we not mention these events because silence is consent. Every call for inclusion inevitably generates exclusion. The demand for unity inherently generates division. #Me too is just a short step away from #not you.

Society will forget about running the jews out of hollywood and burning california to the ground and instead bemoan the evils of men everywhere in general before turning their TV’s back on and going back to the movies. The result will be dilution, confusion, burn out and indifference. But for a few seconds a few more women will feel empowered as people cheer them on and encourage them to come out with their tales of victimization.

At some point, doing the right thing means making a difficult choice, putting yourself in danger, taking serious risks and actively opposing evil. You can’t passively wait for a better system or a different culture or profit from your debasement while remaining silent. If only the culture wasn’t so misogynist, then I’d have the courage to act. But courage is taking action when you don’t have the social support, when there’s no guarantee. It’s not waiting until the conditions are just right and the system is working for you and your success is assured.

Again, there’s no system, only choices. Men and women in hollywood carried out and covered up abuse, harassment and rape because they benefited from it, victimizers and victims alike. They could have made a different choice at any time, even if it would have cost them their livelihood. They preferred to make lucrative mistakes and reinforce rotten characters.

Opportunists when it meant looking the other way while the jew diddled the starlet and opportunists now when it means exposing and chiding every straying hand, vulgar tongue and wandering eye over the course of a grubbing, amoral career.

And then there’s the democratic party, the great champions of women’s rights. Hillary clinton is the perfect dc counterpart to hollywood corruption, an aspirational automaton, a power starved woman who tolerated the vile behavior of her pig husband to advance her career. Barack Obama and other big name democratic politicians were all too happy to take Weinstein’s rape stained money and use it to fund the campaigns they ran on a woman’s right to murder her unborn child and an el salvadorian’s right to squat in your backyard.

Passive americans give money to jewish rapists and pedophiles who then give that money to democratic politicians who undermine the culture, morality and economy of the nation. Be a good goy and watch these wonderful movies about what a repressive bigot you are, kill your children and give us what little money you make so we can replace you with fertile, low iq laborers and consumers. 

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