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Reading is like watching a school bus full of men buttfucking each other drive off a cliff in slow motion. It’s a nauseating and horrifying spectacle. When I read cnn and encounter the specious reasoning, mincing manners, the dull, leaden language, flatulent rhetoric and spiritless sermonizing of the artificially aggrieved, lisping, meaninglessly credentialed pack of dildos and butt plugs masquerading as reporters and editors, I brim with hate and my sack swells with indignation.

Mainstream journalism is a bloated corpse. A grotesque parody, a soul stunting, reality wrenching mockery of a profession. There’s no such thing as news, only the shrieks and yelps of the self castrating choir boys of a post human, imperialistic multiculturalism determined to destroy everything good, beautiful and true. There’s no objective perspective, no moderation in thought or expression, only the incantations of a queer cabal of nation wreckers and their zealous minions.

Cnn is breathlessly covering the Mueller investigation as if the rest of reality has been sucked into the void. They’re squinting to see their precious damning evidence in the bureaucratic bog of an investigation into a non-crime. The whole affair is a managerial wet dream, the ultimate revenge fantasy of boring, vindictive, busy body government lackeys and their media lickspittles. It’s an interminable search for proof that the American people didn’t reject Hillary Clinton and the globalist agenda of their own free will. They’ll do anything but accept responsibility for driving people away with their condescending coverage and freakish causes. It’s been almost a year since the election and they still refuse to accept the obvious.

They call themselves progressive but they’re stuck repeating the same senseless phrases and brazen lies as reality proves them wrong time and again. They glorify the individual and worship difference but they’re humorless, drab conformists in thought, speech and behavior. Their preferred lifestyle of atomized, rootless self creation, tech induced distraction and endless reinvention severs the social bonds that nurture and guide the development of personality. And their obsession with avoiding harm and enforcing fairness has a stultifying effect on expression and character.

The roots of their upstart tradition of subversion and disorder grew out of the enlightenment, which was at one point predicated on an appreciation of facts and scientific research. But the last thing a current year progressive wants to confront is a fact. They manipulate stats and surveys when it suits them, spew undigested chunks of reheated pseudo-science from their favorite children’s educational tv shows and dismiss genuine science and empirical inquiry as racist and sexist.

Cnn is mind numbingly biased against Trump, nationalism, populism and whites who don’t hate themselves. Their front page is stocked with flyweight articles written by middling scolds and pretentious airheads offering their deep thoughts on how white men are responsible for all the world’s suffering. When a cnn editor writes a cream puff article chastising Trump, he sounds like a scorned teenage girl talking about the ex boyfriend she loathes for leaving her. These are grown, adult men who use the sarcastic and snarky language of spoiled, petulant valley girls. It’s embarrassing.

We live in a time when institutions, professions and individuals lumber and lurch about, undead, rotting and unaware they’re no longer relevant or necessary. In my more optimistic moments I can see the withering of mainstream media organs, the collapse of degenerate, predatory, pedophilic Hollywood, the defunding of the radical academic asylum complex and the excising of the parasitic, malignant, tumorous bureaucracy in Washington. And I begin to believe in a better future for us all.

Until then the circus rolls on.

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