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It was beautiful to watch Stephen Miller crush the sophists at the white house press briefing. They had no arguments in their arsenal and no principles to shield themselves from Miller’s masterful verbal assault. It was an instructive display of what makes journalists so loathsome: the squirming pretension, the irrelevant interjections, the flaccid attempts at rebuttal.

They were shrill and ineffectual, vapid and unfocused. Immigration reform has to be opposed, it has to be racist, Trump is trampling on the values of this country, this nation of immigrants. Beyond their automated, fatuous objections and their snide insinuations they had nothing. Miller pissed all over them and they had to sit and swallow it.

These people are not intellectual heavyweights; they’ve forgotten that they have no authority. Although they’re getting more reminders lately. They’re reporters and not thinkers. Minions of multiculturalism and not serious scholars.

They’re increasingly useless and increasingly desperate to maintain their prestige and power in a world growing more and more contemptuous of their ignorant flailing, their hysterical and inept antics. They snottily tried to catch trump in a contradiction. Would he also follow the rules of the proposed immigration reform and refrain from employing mexican lawnmowers at his resorts and hotels?

Miller answered by citing the words of the president: as a business owner trump is obligated to follow the law and as the president he is obligated to work for the betterment of the american people. This is something the soulless strivers and rootless bug people seem unable to understand.

In their arid worldview, it’s impossible for Trump to care about the american people. He’s just a rapacious businessman, a con artist duping the rubes. His presidency is another one of his scams, the crowning achievement of his huckstering. Trump became the president to cut himself inside deals and enlarge his fortune. The inane freak-out over russia follows from this deluded, self aggrandizing suspicion. The unintelligentsia calls out the corruption that the american people are too befuddled to notice.

But Trump became the president because he wants to improve the lives of actual americans. Citizens of this country. Not citizens of the world or illiterate and unskilled foreigners. Not transnational corporations, oligarchs, plutocrats, international bureaucrats, refugees, terrorists, mexican gangs, criminals or drug cartels.

He’s already made all the money he could ever need or want. And rather than rest on his fortune in the sunset years of his life, he decided to fight for the people who’ve been overlooked, maligned and mocked by an odious class of disloyal elites and their lickspittle media. He’s going to war against an insidious enemy out of his own gratitude for decent americans, the hard working stock scorned and left behind.

But the sarcastic, smug press can’t fit this fundamental fact into their vacant heads. They fail to see how they’ve lost control of public opinion. Miller, with the patience of a teacher watching over a pack of retards, repeated that the reform is overwhelmingly popular with americans. The polling data show that a majority of americans want this reform. And who could argue against raising immigration standards, especially when it has broad support among the american people?

The spectacle of squeezing the deposed tastemakers. Seeing them writhe, put in a cramped position where they have to argue against an american majority and against growing the economy. But what about republican senators who oppose this bill? Miller reminds them again that the majority of americans support it. Who do the republicans serve? If they want to oppose a piece of legislation approved by a large portion of their constituents, they reveal where their true loyalties lie.

A final, feeble objection: What about that poem tacked onto the statue of liberty by a marxist jew? Doesn’t it write into law that our doors shall remain perpetually wide open to the castaways of the world?

Think for a moment about the mental depth of this print jockey who thinks he’s putting forth a substantial counterpoint, whose argument on immigration can be reduced to a couple lines cribbed from a poem on a statue that wasn’t mean to symbolize immigration. America is a land of exiles, it says so right on this statue, says the unrooted reporter. We have to do what it says. The constitution can be ignored or transformed, it’s a living document, but there’s no amending that poem on a statue.

We’ve reached an inverted state of the affairs when a jew has to accuse a journalist of being a cosmopolitan. That’s a world turned on its head. The journalists will try to turn this slur against Miller and link his use of the word to nazi crimes. But they already overplayed their hand and they’ll fail to convince anyone outside the diehards, the committed lunatics. Cry nazi again and see if anyone normal cares, you winded shills.

The cosmopolitan journalist revealed his globetrotting bias and Miller repeatedly spanked him and made him look like an ignorant child. A black woman babbled incoherently about targeting the african american community. Miller handled it with grace and efficiency. He spoke clearly and demonstratively throughout the briefing.

He made a good case for widely supported legislation, but still he was opposed by the fluffers of the elite. The semi-literate lackeys had to get in their lubed up opposition act and preen their oily, alien virtue before a man speaking on behalf of the american people. It didn’t look good.

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