Unneeded things

There’s a gift shop downtown. They put out a sign on the sidewalk that says end white heteropatriarchy. 

Yes, let’s end it. I want to watch the blubbering owners of a trinket shop build a better society. A more supportive social order that encourages its cripples, freaks, parasites, layabouts and mental patients.

This shop is the vanity project of a rich, listless housewife. No one needs feminist keychains and broad city pins and yoga themed coffee mugs. The only people who can afford this gaudy garbage are other rich, listless housewives.

Upper class women in America are so oppressed they have to open bauble huts on fashionable downtown streets in major cities. They scrawl in chalk their desperate cry for justice: end white heteropatriarchy. 

When a glorified mall kiosk mouths revolutionary slogans, the revolution is over. Mainstream society has adopted the language of angry, academic afro american lesbians and bitter, Marxist german jews. It was always self soothing gibberish but now it’s widespread and adulterated. Commonplace and acceptable. Decorum.

It’s toothless and gummy babbling from the comfortably aggrieved. The arthritic grasping of a senile movement. There was a time when talking about the heteropatriarchy meant you were part of an elite group of radicals. You were on the vanguard of a critical, progressive wave of dangerous thinkers and activists.

Now the arcane analysis of the white power structure is embroidered on a 50 dollar throw pillow. The empowerment of women and minorities is a glittering chunk of cheap metal hanging from a stretched out earlobe. Buy and resist. Look good and revolt. Add to the bloat of critical thinking conformists. The bravest progressives resist domination when there are no negative consequences.

White, heterosexual society has so successfully integrated progressive ideology that a niche craft store can scrawl a scornful message on its A-frame in the middle of a busy street and no one cares. It’s business as usual. There’s no retaliation, no outcry. No protests or boycotts. Instead we have stories on the suffocating racism of a black in the air force writing the word nigger on a chalkboard.

When a black hurls watermelons at his own house in a hate crime hoax we still lash whites for their latent racism. When a jew threatens to bomb a synagogue it’s another opportunity to gravely condemn anti-Semitism. But when a knick knack shack calls for the overthrow of a white social order, it’s routine self expression, it’s another day on main street in anytown, usa.

I want to see the society that women, gays and blacks build. They can work with vagrants, southeast asians, pygmies and headhunters. I want a worldwide coalition of African blacks, native americans, criminals, offenders, anarchists, muslims, eskimos, druids, lepers and outcasts. Every marginal, injured group on the planet cooperating to create a superior society free from the oppressive powers that hobble and harangue them.

This exulted order will work perfectly without the efforts of law abiding, productive and creative whites with healthy reproductive instincts. There will be paved roads, clean sewer systems, heat and electricity. Law, medicine and advanced technology. Efficient transportation and communication networks. Spiritual and moral progress. A written history, monumental works of art, tradition, academic institutions and scholarly standards.

The bongo players, pansexuals and non identifying, genderless slabs of soy will come together to build shipyards and airports. Conceive an experimental method of investigation. Achieve lasting influence in architecture and political science. Draft constitutions. Create instruments that measure and record a subatomic reality. They will do all of this without hatred or greed, without lust or envy. Without oppressing anyone. As soon as we end the white heteropatriarchy.

As soon as we stop preferring to procreate with attractive members of the opposite sex, a better world will emerge. When we forget about focusing our talents on securing resources for our offspring, we will be free and happy. If we follow the commands of our twitching groins, look for psychic stability in momentary pleasures and worship our chaotic impulses, then we’ll win lasting peace.

There will be civic minded corporations and fair business practices. Ethical treatment of animals. An exacting but fair moral standard of judging people by their behavior and not their identity or background. Robust institutions and safe, enduring communities. Trade and diplomacy. A universal code of conduct, a universal language.

Beethoven was black. So were Jesus and Shakespeare. You didn’t know that. All the great inventors and creators and builders were queer black muslims. Your white supremacist education has convinced you that the fathers of our modern world were white. They weren’t. Straight whites are responsible for domination and hatred but they take credit for all the civilizational contributions of desert nomads, mud-men and river-people.

Learn more about the other side of history from our accredited, radical gift shop scholars. And buy a ring or two while you’re here.

Author: The Empty Subject

Born curmudgeon

4 thoughts on “Unneeded things”

  1. Yeah this is really good. It seems like the the double standards are so obvious, but everyone glazes over them and never think about how ridiculous they are or don’t discuss it. White guys gotta suck it up and ignore the hatred that is spewed and now aggressively marketed. This is why we are all secretly (sometimes not so secretly) a bunch of anti establishment and “bigoted” people. The dynamics of living with Diverity is annoying, but then being pathologized and openly denigrated just sends you over the edge.

    You bring up a great point about how useless it all is. It is totally dependant on the society that is only provided by the men that they hate. The irony is lost on them. Its just vanity shit and an easy identity. The identity is “I’m morally superior to you.” There is a new wrinkle however. It’s ” I’m also so high status that I can call for my own destruction. My pandering to groups of people who hate my fucking guts won’t affect me.”

    I’m always amazed at the ignorance of most of the history that they glibly dismiss as “patriarchy” or “eurocentricity.” They don’t even know basic things or the immense suffering that preceded the great breakthroughs that eventually benefitted all of humankind.

    They are also ignorant of the astounding depravity and backwardness of the pet groups historically. Every dumb fucking culturally tuned yoga chick shares a video about some African rain dance ceremony or has a pan flute over her sink, but how many know the sordid canabalistic nature of frequent and unyielding intra African genocides ( hint: the lucky slaves came here) or that the Aztecs collapsed because the people of Mexico had been praying for the gods to send someone to slaughter their merciless overlords.

    Also, fuck yeah we are euro centric. (Europe and by extension it’s settlers) was central to everything you own, use or think of. The radical shopkeepers are DE-constructionists. Well guess what, you have to have someone else’s construction to deconstruct in the first place. Oh I also think that almost none of this shit happens if these downtown vanity chicks are wifed up and filled with babies before age 21.

    I’ve spent a lot of time out in God’s big sky country. The mountain west. It’s spectacular. I do feel like the Indians got a shit deal from the US government. No question. However, I don’t feel as though we as whites did anything uniquely evil. That’s what gets me. We can’t look at a terrible incident (that involves a corrupt government institution) and have pause, and maybe keep perspective of the natural human inclination towards expansion and conflict. No, it must involve the pathologizing of white peopleas uniquely evil, as opposed to the Mongols, Zulus or Persians. If the settlers had been Africans, or Aztecs they would have fared a far worse fate.

  2. You’ve nicely fleshed out some of the themes of the post. I appreciate the thought you put into your responses. They help me better understand what I’m trying to say.

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