The carnival continues

I was going to write on politics but what else is there to say? Leftists are lunatics who hate America. Conservatives are racists and hate gays and women. Everyone hates everyone with a blinding passion. Nuclear grade rage and resentment blight the land. Waves of acid and bile melt flesh and bleach bone. Estrogenic males take breaks from crying and shitting their pants to celebrate violence carried out by someone else. If you don’t like what someone says just punch them in the face when they’re not looking.

It’s not enough to fire someone. It’s not enough to ruin their livelihood or slander their name or make baseless accusations against them. Calling someone a nazi just isn’t thrilling enough. Like all addictions, you have to increase the dose. We’re strung out on outrage and desperate for a bigger hit.

Modern life is so disorienting and numbing that people only come alive in extremity. There is no middle range of thoughts or feelings anymore. Either we’re catatonically disconnected and passive or we’re hysterical, crying and snotting and screaming. Blubbering and wailing and reciting soul scorchingly embarrassing poems about menstrual blood.

Hordes of misfits, genetic outcasts and frankesteinian failures waddling and lumbering on the capital. Septic cunts seeping and weeping in the streets. The future is female. As if female nature weren’t under constant assault by these freaks. The future they want is protozoan. Single celled solipsistic self reproduction. Blobs of goo secreting themselves asexually in a fetid petri dish.

People are corpses without constant shocking and prodding. Social media is the defibrillator of the dying heart of actual society. Our shared being is dead but we keep jolting it back to life for one more skeletal shakedown. Physical space has disappeared, time is shrunken, desiccated, a flavorless raisin. All that’s left is the magnetic, hypnotic pulse of the binary. On or off, crying fit or coma. Boiling anger or autistic withdrawal. Nothing in between agreeing with me and being a fascist.

There is no average. No health. Appropriate or measured words aren’t even a concept anymore. A piddling comment is EVERYTHING. Someone pinches off an unfunny quip and OMG I’M DEAD. Jon Oliver just DESTROYED Trump and it was EVERYTHING. Did you hear? Samantha Bee murdered Trump’s entire family with a rusty sickle and burned his mansion down and salted the soil so that nothing will ever again grow on such cursed land. Really? Jesus. What happened? Sorry, I should clarify. By that I mean Bee said some mean stuff. 

Words hurt more than physical violence. That’s why it’s okay to crush someone’s skull with a stone if they say something hurtful. If there’s no god and the desolate heavens chime the vanity of existence then why not act like a flea ridden ape?

Everything is oppressive. Threatening. Terrifying. Even straight white men want in on the action. We’re oppressed too, here’s how. No one can just have power. They must criticize and renounce everything that makes their life enjoyable or comfortable. One person’s pleasure or wealth is another person’s pain and privation. How dare you have something I don’t. Justice is giving up what you have so I can watch you suffer.

If I’m a straight white man and I have so much power, why are people always telling me that I’m in the wrong and that I’m the problem with the world? I should be able to tell everyone to go fuck themselves with no consequence whatsoever. If I’m in power then why should I even listen to the mud people and the sickly perverts? If this is power, you can have it.

I want to see the mass of dysgenic and dysphoric shit sacks take the helm of this ship. Let’s see what they do with it. They have such a solid handle on reality I’m sure life will just get better for everyone.

We need to get out of each other’s faces online and get back to repairing the frayed bonds of family. Rediscover our connection to our brothers and sisters and forget about the refugees for a second. No one cares about refugees. They care about their image and identity as good humanitarians. Anyone who fights with or abandons their family is in no place to lecture other people on hospitality.

Author: The Empty Subject

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  1. These are really spot on observations. The hyperbolic headlines and echo chamber stuff that dominates people’s news feeds allows them to indulge in childish pettiness with adolescent language. I have no hope. This is why zombie shows are popular. Deep down, people want a reset. Women want to be sought for inescapable breeding conquest by the camp leaders. Men don’t want to listen, feigning outrage for pussy points. They want to fuck, hunt and have (as in control and ownership) a family worth dying for. Same as it ever was.

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