The power of ideas

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. Your recently fired, your whores, and your befuddled bastards. Give us your piss soaked and shit stained vermin, your retarded cripples and violent schizophrenics. Our desensitized, morally gutted, spiritually compromised people need a constant influx of outcasts, freaks, addicts, goat fuckers and illiterate peasants to keep this great land vibrant and dynamic.

We import trinkets and human flotsam. We export war. The goal of our wars is not conquest but rather making more money for our jewish overlords. Our docile goyim love the jews and their democratic ethnostate. The jews are a poor, suffering minority that also happens to be more successful and wealthy than everyone else even though everyone keeps trying to exile and exterminate them.

America is a nation of immigrants. A sanctuary for murderers, rapists, drug dealers, gangs and terrorists. We welcome with open arms and anuses every dumpster dwelling, trash eating, aids spreading, chaos sowing reprobate, regardless of origin.

Diversity is our strength. Only a bigot would fail to thrive in a bureaucratic quagmire full of disloyal, untrustworthy, incompatible groups at each other’s throats, all fighting and scrapping for bigger handouts and leg ups. Only a backwards, brick browed knuckle dragger wouldn’t feel patriotic stirrings in his heart as he watches wave after wave of unassimilable alien material crash upon on the shores of his country.

America is the greatest nation on earth because it’s a nation of ideas. We don’t care who you are or how many disease you carry. We don’t care where you came from even if it’s a stinking cesspit of squalor and genocide. It doesn’t matter if you want to destroy or cynically exploit. You have a place here.

The founders of this glorious experiment just so happened to be northern european white men with an evolved tradition of thought. But the ideas these irrelevantly anglo men conceived are open to all. The opportunity that springs from these free floating, platonic ideas with no genetic or geographical mooring whatsoever may be seized by all the various mud people of the earth’s ditches and dregs.

We cry over the condition of people we’ve never met while we block our blood relatives on facebook. The family is oppressive but muslims are progressive and peaceful, vital anti-capitalist allies. We who accidentally happen to be white love ideas and hate ourselves. Our history is one of shameful conquest, wealth creation and innovation. May our future be one sodomy, sadness, and extinction.

As long as the ideals of freedom and opportunity live on, we are happy to spill the last of our seed in arid rectums. We gladly die without heirs while squat jungle people breed uncontrollably. Our cherished ideals don’t need us anymore. Surely the marauding desert jackals of the middle east and the soulless ant people of the orient will preserve a legacy that was never theirs and adopt habits contrary to their history and genetics.

It’s one world of cheap labor and deracinated, hypersexualized, atomistic tech junkies. Ethnic solidarity for the dirty toilet scrubbing and dishwashing underclasses and sterile sci-fi escapism for waning whites. Technocratic managerialism, just like the founding fathers who hated their whiteness and checked their privilege would have wanted.

The statue of Liberty symbolizes our new world. A torch perennially burns for unchecked growth and unmanageable complexity. Only a few arbitrarily white hate mongers stand in the way of America becoming an even more vibrant and inclusive nation. But with luck and the grace of jehovah, the twisted designs of parasitic, marxist jews will triumph.

Author: The Empty Subject

Born curmudgeon

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