There’s more to history than Hitler

We need to get creative with our slanderous comparisons. This guy’s Hitler, that guy’s Hitler, we’re all Hitler. Let’s branch out. We have a rich history of bloodthirsty, genocidal maniacs, and it would be a shame if we neglected it.

You never hear people comparing each other to Mao or Stalin. Why? They were communists. We are taught from an early age that hating someone because of their race or gender or sexual orientation is wrong, but class is a different story. Rich people are loathsome, and it’s righteous to hate them.

The rich should not only be hated, they should be liquidated. Purged from society. Ripped from their mansions in the dead hours of the night. Taken to desolate fields and shot, their ill gotten wealth redistributed to the people. Well, redistributed to the party that represents the people. There is always a party that organizes torture, murder, and theft with the best of intentions for the sake of society as a whole.

Hitler murdered people because of who they were, and that’s wrong. Leftists murder people because of what they have, and that’s justice. Denounce and destroy the racists, motivate and empower the envious. Put your foot on the gas of progress and crush anyone who appears to have a better life than you.

Mao was responsible for the deaths of somewhere around 60 million people. Joseph Stalin clocks in around 40 million. But when someone babbles about wealth disparity, no one says, “You’re starting to sound a lot like Mao over here.” No one says, “You’ve been on a real Stalin streak lately.”

And those are only the two most obvious examples of mass murdering evil. After Hitler you have King Leopold of Belgium and his rape of the Congo. You would think that people would love this one, as he’s a white European that enslaved Africans, but even he gets overlooked. No one thinks of Belgium as an epicenter of evil.

Up next is Tojo of imperial Japan with 5 million deaths to his credit. Not bad for a military officer.

Ismail Enver Pasha led the military dictatorship in Ottoman Turkey that murdered 2 million Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians, and I’ve not once heard anyone say, “this guy reminds me of Pasha.”

Right on Pasha’s genocidal heels is Pol Pot. This stalwart champion of the people killed almost 2 million of his political opponents. Rounding out the starting lineup of maniacal murderers is Kim Ilsung, the zany leader of North Korea from 1948-94. I’ll give an honorable mention to Ethiopian dictator Mariam. From 1974-1978 he fronted a communist military dictatorship that snuffed out 1.5 million people.

Oh what the hell. How about Yakuba Gowon, the Nigerian Military Dictator that killed one million people? Many of them were soldiers killed in civil war, but a good portion were starved civilians. And don’t forget Jean Kambanda, the tribal dictator of Rawanda. He has 800,000 Tutsi deaths under his belt.

Reaching farther back into history, we have murderous luminaries like Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun. You don’t hear much about them these days. I suspect it’s because there is no relevant ideological background to their savagery. No one knows much about the policy positions of Mongolian warlords. No one knows how to tie their modern enemies to nomadic warriors that drank goat milk out of human skulls.

We usually associate genocide and ethnic cleansing with the modern world. But ancient history is full of warring empires and ethnicities that brutally tried to wipe each other out. Completely. It wasn’t just professional standing armies stabbing each other in open fields. Cities burned and women and children were killed.

Think about the conflict between Rome and Carthage. During the third Punic War, the Roman army, headed by Scipio, sacked the city of Carthage. Roman soldiers went from house to house murdering everyone. They torched the city and let it burn for ten days. After barbecuing an entire city for over a week, the soldiers dismantled every building brick by brick. That’s fucking serious.

We associate Romans with decadence and indulgence, but we shouldn’t forget that Romans were savage. They didn’t fuck around with murdering and enslaving people. They went in hard.

It’s time to broaden our horizons. Let’s not forget all the black, brown, and yellow mass murderers and madmen of history. Let’s reach farther back than 1942 for our career ending comparisons.

In the spirit of diversity and pluralism, of course.

Author: The Empty Subject

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2 thoughts on “There’s more to history than Hitler”

  1. History for leftists always begins in 1942. Hitler came to power, and thus the world began. Everything before that is just Dead White Men (TM), or not otherwise important enough to mention. Because progress.

    1. And slavery for leftists always means white enslavement of Africans. Progressive history: In 1619, White supremacists enslaved Africans, and in 1933, Hitler began killing lots of jews. Finally, in 2016, reincarnated Hitler was elected President of the United States.

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