Wasted opportunity

We all make mistakes. And when we make those mistakes, we tend to blame other people or events outside our control. It was a conspiracy to bring us down. A plot to steal what’s rightfully ours. It was shadowy figures and colluding enemies. We failed because something held us back or snuck up on us. Structures of oppression were involved, or the stupidity of the masses.

The impossible happened and no one saw it coming. Our experts were right but reality was wrong. When we fail, it’s always complicated and we never deserve it. We’re the good guys, and the good guys are supposed to win.

A simple explanation won’t do. If it makes sense then it’s suspect. It can’t be that we miscalculated. It wasn’t that we ignored the warnings. We didn’t arrogantly dismiss legitimate concerns or push an alienating, elitist agenda. We didn’t insult the people we needed or desert the people who needed us.

When you make a mistake, you can correct it. When you don’t know something, you can humble yourself and learn. There’s no shame in being wrong if you want to make it right. Most people are forgiving when the apology is sincere. I’m talking about normal people now, not vindictive progressives.

I would go so far as to say that making a mistake, apologizing for it, and then correcting it is almost better than never making a mistake in the first place. In the restaurant world, your most loyal customers are the ones you initially disappoint. But if you stay with them, if you correct your mistakes and make them feel as though you care about doing a better job, then they’ll be your customers for life.

It’s an endearing arc. We love to watch a fall from grace and then a climb back up towards decency. Admitting you were wrong and promising to do better next time builds trust. You set yourself up for future successes. We love winners but there’s a place in our hearts for gracious losers as well.

Democrats lost the last election and they’ve been anything but gracious. What went wrong? Everything that wasn’t their fault.

Russia hacked the election. A foreign country interfered with our democratic process. It’s a soothing ointment of an excuse and democrats are greasing themselves up and down with it. The only trouble is that it makes no sense.

But they repeat it again and again. They say there’s no doubt about it, that everyone can at least agree on that. The only question is how deep does the conspiracy reach. Was it Russia acting independently or were they collaborating with Trump?

Democrats weren’t wrong, they were wronged. And now they’re going to get revenge. Not by fixing themselves, but rather by smearing, defaming, and ejecting their enemies. There will be no self reflection or change of priorities. Instead the strategy is slander, violence, scandal mongering and gossiping.

They want to impeach Trump because they think he broke the law. Except they have no proof. Some of them pretend to objectively concerned. This is about the law, the constitution, and love for a great nation. This has nothing to do with politics, says the politician.

Politicians and journalists whose sole purpose in life is to remake this country now care deeply about the constitution. The modern left loves the founding fathers when they can use them to destroy the descendants of the founding fathers.

Moment by moment, a fresh, tantalizing promise of impeachment emerges. This time they have him. No really, this time they mean it. Guys, seriously this is it, start the countdown. One flaky narratives after the next collapses, but they remain committed to the cause.

The zeal and persistence of the press, the democratic party and its cobbled coalition of freaks and deviants is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. In their frenzied determination to bury Trump, they dig their own graves. The American people are rubbernecking as the pileup continues. What desperate, baseless claim will these losers heave up next?

The democrats could have played the long game. They could have worked to rebuild trust and win the confidence of the working and middle classes. If they believe Trump is incompetent, why not let him show it? Why not take the next four years to build a genuine, grounded movement as Trump blunders left and right?

Political fortunes are ever shifting. The silver lining of losing an election is that you can blame the winner for everything bad that happens in the next four years. People grow tired of their picks when they don’t pan out. Campaign promises are broken and people change their minds. Losing one election isn’t the onset of Armageddon.

Overreacting makes a bad thing worse. And the resistance to Trump is built on overreacting, not as a special case, but as a matter of course. The people trying to bring Trump down have habitual trouble controlling their emotions.

But look at how they deflect attention from their own failings. Trump is a loose cannon, he’s incompetent, he’s unpredictable. He’s breaking the law and undermining our democracy. This isn’t about politics, this is about law, this is about our country. 

They need to be reminded that regardless of Trump, no one likes them. No one trusts them. Take Trump out of the picture and people still didn’t like Hillary Clinton. People still don’t want open borders, free trade, outsourcing and inner city violence. They don’t want multiculturalism, identity politics, warmongering, and corporate meddling in government.

If Trump is so evil and bumbling, so nefarious but also devastatingly stupid, then how are the democrats not asking themselves how they could lose to him? How are they not looking within themselves and saying, wow, we’re such pieces of shit that people prefer Donald Trump to us. 

They do have their reasons for why they lost. Russia interfered. James Comey. White people are racist, sexist xenophobes.

Stupid white racist nationalists enlisted the help of formerly communist Russia to steal the presidency from Hillary Clinton. People who love their country had to break its laws to protect it from another group of people breaking its laws.

My advice: think of the long term. Don’t get lost in the day to day. The democrats and their cohorts are making fools of themselves. They refuse to correct themselves and reach out to the people they insulted and dismissed. But their loss is our gain, and we can learn from their mistakes, even if they won’t.

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