A nation of licensed rental truck drivers

A drifting, disconnected white boomer sprayed bullets into a crowd in vegas. It was a post-ideological, absurdist massacre without pamphlets, manifestos or scriptural support. No one told him to kill. No one “radicalized” him. His life was radically individualistic and itinerant. But he used guns. So we need to pass laws against guns. And blame white men and their unhinged gun culture. Nothing could be more clear. It’s common sense and only a bible reading, gun toting bigot thinks otherwise.

We’re all sensibly living in quaking fear of white men and their twitchy trigger fingers and massive arsenals. We don’t go to movies or concerts. Or visit friends and relatives. We lock ourselves inside bullet proof bunkers and eat cans of beans in a state of terminal anxiety. Jimmy Kimmel cries and soaks his pants with piss thinking about the grim certainty of another shooting unless we do something right now, something sensible that we all agree on except for the NRA and its murder machine attendants. We just want to live a normal, fear free life again.

A scraggly, uzbecki interloper squashed cyclists in Manhattan with a deadly, common sense defying rental truck. He got out of his automatic assault vehicle and shouted allah ackbar and fired pellets and paint balls before an officer shot him in the stomach. Then he was taken to the hospital for surgery.

(Waiting for the black lives matter morons to protest the humane treatment of terrorists by the police. Why da black man git shot in da hed fo selling cigarettes wen da terrorist get a complimentary live saving surgery after driving ova pipo? Even da muslim get betta treatment den da black man.)

He left a note saying he killed in the name of isis, an Islamic death cult and global murder network. But let’s not rush to judgement. Don’t profile, stereotype or blame a group, religion or immigration policy for this random, naturally occurring act of carnage.

Don’t feel anger or give in to fear. This is a time for tweets, status updates and candlelit vigils. We won’t let this everyday atrocity change our way of life. Our values. We won’t politicize. There’s an increasing possibility of your skull cracking under a truck tire. But that’s the big city. Just one infinitesimal part of life in a blood drenched, hostility saturated, suspicion soaked, alienated multiculturalist paradise.

In the aftermath of another Islamic terrorist attack, liberals will gird their barren loins and defend their suicidal immigration policies. They’ll ask, do we want to live in a country that closes its doors to people from other cultures?   As if they’ve just tunneled to the core of the deepest, most difficult quandary and unearthed the ultimate chin scratching brain buster.

And after painful deliberation we’re supposed to say no. We won’t close our doors. No price in human life is too high. We want more cultural adulteration, more ethnic dilution, more disaffection and distrust. That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, but what kills us is our greatest strength of all.

Let’s join the multiculturalists and think it through. Do we want to live in a country that closes its doors to people from other cultures? The answer is yes. A country is for some and not others, like everything worth preserving. What makes your house yours and not a hobo waystation is your right to shut and lock your doors and only let in who you want: friends, people you’ve vetted, people who aren’t likely to ram a railroad spike into your chest.

Not ever letting anyone into your home is niggardly and inhibitive. Letting everyone in is foolish and self-destructive. Erring on the side of caution without barricading yourself in your bathtub 24 hours a day is my policy. I’d almost call it common sense.

Look at a picture of Sayfullo Saipov. Say his name. Regardless of his capacity for religiously motivated, bone crunching bike path terror, who wants that here? What American sees a picture of that man and thinks, I wish half my neighborhood looked like that. For the sake of aesthetic consistency alone there’s good reason to shut our doors to Islamic uzbeckis.

What are uzbecki’s known to do well and why do we need them in America? Those are the questions I’d rather ponder. Our current attitude towards institutions, clubs and countries is that if there’s not enough of one kind of person, then there should be more. And if there’s too much of one kind of person, then there should be less, especially when it comes to majority white America, the most despicable and desirable place to live on earth.

There’s no consideration of merit, excellence or need. Why do we need Uzbecki’s in America? Because we don’t have them. That’s the argument. Because there are none, there must be some. The logic of the diversity imperative is watertight.

So let’s move to manhattan, get back on our bikes and invite a few more sullen steppe people into our country. We fear our natives and love our foreigners here. It’s the freshly fashioned American way.

Author: The Empty Subject

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